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God Of War New Tab for Google Chrome

To tell you the truth, I don’t know exactly where to start with medi God of War bil, but I haven’t seen such a quality game in PS2 for quite a while. The followers of the game market know that SCEA has been working on GoW for a few years, especially the videos and the images that were shown before the release of the game were already showing clearly that the GoW would be very good; and, as predicted by the release of the game, GoW was the best game of the month.

In fact Kratos is not a hero or god, he is a Sparta, also maybe a thug, a crazy; even someone who could frighten gods. While Kratos’s aim in the game seems to be to save Athens, the beloved city of Athena, as you play the game, you understand that Kratos is the only thing that the family cares about is the kidnapped family.

If we leave the story aside and go into the game, I can say that the game style is a very well blended of action and adventure. These two elements have been so successfully combined in the game that the adventure, as in Devil May Cry 3, has not been buried into oblivion, nor has it been escaped into adventure, as in Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. As you can see, God of War is a very good mix of DMC and PoP, but make sure only these two games are not enough to tell GoW, because GoW’s diversity, action and adventure are a lot of things Superior.

When you take control of Kratos in your adventure starting on a ship that moves to Athens, you find yourself in action, and when you breathe your enemies in order to understand what is going on, you can think of the games that I have just mentioned after the first atmosphere of the atmosphere. You are not late to realize how much God of War has actually been prepared.

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