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Just Cause 4 New Tab for Google Chrome

The Just Cause series was first available in 2004 on the market for PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox and Xbox 360. The construction, which had a huge 1012 KM / 2 maps for those times, was not liked by the actors as a cult, but was liked by the visuals and huge gaming world. Then, Just Cause 3, which also attracted great attention, and continued this success with Just Cause 3. When the calendars showed the end of 2018, Avalanche Studios came up with Just Cause 4. Again with our main hero Rico Rodriguez once again we go to dictator hunting, let’s see, how?

First of all, Just Cause 4 takes us back to Solis, a fictional island country in South America. In the previous games we are familiar with Gabriela Morales, who is commanding the army of the Black Hand organization. On the side of the story, I think that Just Cause 4, which seems to be a little more personalized than previous games, can still not meet your expectations. The game is at the beginning of the series a cliché entry sequence that we are accustomed to, followed by a guerrilla movement against the dictator and towards the civil war.

just cause 4

But there is still no innovation. For example, seizing certain areas on the map, doing preparatory tasks for this, watching Solis slowly become liberated will be a positive innovation for users who like this kind of games. However, minor innovations are not enough when it comes to the fact that Just Cause 4 has been developed for over 3 years.

Just Cause 4 is also the most popular innovations in the advertisement of the weather events. Since natural disasters are experienced in the game for the first time in the game, we are really able to influence the player because we are in our eyes and are constantly revolutionized in almost every fragment of the game. However, when you experience the same situation a few times, it is unfortunate that this innovation, which is installed on almost the entire load, is not that important, so it doesn’t give you enough satisfaction to like Just Cause 4.

Just Cause 4

Although this innovation does not revolutionize the entertainment and mechanics, it seems visually impressive. The physics section of the game engine, which Avalanche often stands on, works really well. The hurricane affects almost all the dynamic objects around, the flying of the trucks in the air is one of the impressive aspects of Just Cause 4.

We talked about the physics of Just Cause 4. Yet another feature that keeps the series on its feet is the variety of vehicles in the game. In the Just Cause series we have had the chance to use aircraft, ships, vehicles, tanks, helicopters, zeppelins and almost any vehicle. This just hasn’t changed in Just Cause 4. We have the chance to use any kind of civil and military vehicles in the game.

Helicopters, aircraft, there is no problem in them, the standard of the physics of the vehicles is unfortunately still more unacceptable bad. This situation amazes me. As many of us know, Avalanche came out a few years ago with a game of Mad Max. When we consider that the physics of this game are in the hands of the same team, the reason why Just Cause 4’s driving physics is so bad is that it is hard to understand. While there are engineers and experts who can do this in your hand, I would like to ask why you are making the game mechanics so bad. All the vehicles in the game as if they scroll in the oil give a virtual and sudden reaction. Driving physics can be worse than Midtown Madness’, a 20-year-old, even if Avalanche is late for Just Cause 4, he needs to fix it in the next game. They don’t have to do much. They’d put Mad Max’s physics on the line.

Last words, Just Cause 4 pure action lovers, let’s break down, use different tools, get a huge map to see the different regions can satisfy the players, but if you expect a deeper story from the game, the beginning of my mind with graphics, mechanics, finish the game If you say you can play for months, making you unfortunately will not satisfy you. Moreover, the performance problems can cool you down from the game. Avalanche Studios can be a build that corrects these critical issues with the right updates and can be taken a little more if it visually updates the game.

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