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Clash Of Clans

Hi, everybody;

Today I will review a game for you. 😀

Our game is called Clash of Clans. I’ve been playing for about 1 month. The main goal in the game is to organize your village wisely, defend against enemies and attack other villages and win. So we can say that it is a strategy game 🙂 there is gold, potion, Black Potion and stones in the game which works with money logic. We use these to build new buildings in our village and to develop existing buildings. It is possible to obtain gold from gold mines; elixirs from potion collectors; land elixirs from potion probes. To buy a stone, we have to pay real money.

Using gold, you can build and develop potion collectors and defensive items. You can also use potions to build and develop gold mines, army camps, barracks. You can build barracks and train private soldiers using Black Potions. With stones you can also buy shields, gold, potions and get a builder.

Shields prevent others from attacking your village. As you can get a shield using stone, if someone else attacks your village and wins, your shield will come as your wage.
Builders build and develop new buildings. Development is not instantaneous. It will hold for a certain period of time. If you’re just starting the game, you wait a few hours. But as you move forward you have to wait days and weeks. If you don’t want to wait you can finish using the Stone immediately but as I said You have to pay real money for the stone. In addition, when you remove obstacles such as shrubs, fungi, logs that formed over time in your village, you can find some stones. Another way to get stones without paying is to unlock achievements. This way you can win xp and stone. Xp is a value that indicates the level of the player.

There is also a shop section in the game. You can buy new buildings (potion collector, mine) , Shields, decoration items, treasure items, army and defense items from the shop. You need a potion, Gold, Black Potion or stone to buy new items.
If you develop a building that you have built in your village, the damage score rises. That way, the enemy will use more power to destroy that building. It also increases the production speed and capacity of a developed building. For example, when you develop a gold mine to a higher level, both the development capacity and the production speed increase. The produced gold or potion is stored in warehouses. Each item has its own store. We have to keep these warehouses safe so the enemy doesn’t steal our loot.

The most important building in the game is the village building. We also need to upgrade the village building to build new buildings and take the existing ones to a higher level. Even if the enemy attacks you and only destroys the village building, he wins. Therefore, we must thoroughly protect the village buildings with walls and defensive elements. Because an enemy who doesn’t demolish the village building can’t be considered a hundred percent winner.

There are groups called clans in the game. A newcomer can’t join a clan right away. He must first establish the clan Castle. Once you’ve built the castle, you can start your own clan if you want. You can join another clan if you like. A player can fight another player as well as clans may fight other clans. There is a preparatory phase before the clan war begins. These all clan members fill each other’s clan Castle with soldiers. In the battle phase, everyone has the right to attack the enemy clan twice. You get a battle win bonus based on the battles you’ve won. You can collect the spoils after the war. To do this, click on the clan Castle and press toplaya. You can also request soldiers from other members of your clan, even if there is no clan war, thanks to the request soldiers button. To fit more soldiers and spoils into the clan castle, you need to improve the clan Castle.

You need soldiers to attack other players. You can train these soldiers using barracks or izbe barracks. Below is a list of all the soldiers in the game.

1st. Barbarian
2nd ed. Archery
3. Goblin (they attack the booty directly.)
4. Giant (they attack directly defensively.)
5. Wall shatter
6. Balloon
7th ed. Wizards
8. The healer (increases the energy of the soldiers during the war.)
Ninth Dragon
10. Pekka

You can open these soldiers using barracks.
You can open the soldiers I gave you below by using Izbe barracks and black potion. (I could not open them yet) 🙂
1st. Creep
2nd ed. Pig rider
3. Valkyrie
4. Golem

At first, your soldiers will be very vulnerable to defense. You will use the lab to increase the strength and damage of your soldiers. With the lab, you can increase the level of soldiers and spells and increase your chances of winning the battle.

Finally, I’ll talk about the magic factory. With the Magic Factory, you can cast spells to favor the war. For example, you can reduce the damage points of buildings in the village by enabling Lightning to strike your enemy’s village with lightning magic.

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