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You will find wallpaper collections of abstract pictures in this category. These work of arts will be published under abstract category.

Soul Calibour : Lost Swords New Tab for Google Chrome

Fighting games that could not make many successes (except for some series) have become more appealing to a niche audience over the years. Even though it is not so far behind in strategy games, big companies are still aware of the big audience on this side, and fortunately we continue …

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Hitman 2 New Tab for Google Chrome

The Hitman series developed by IO Interactive did not undergo a radical change until 2016. By 2016, developer IO Interactive decided to take over the Hitman series from the beginning. Dangerous Bald, Agent 47 was once again dangerous and yet, but the mysterious story of Hitman is now being published …

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Call of Cthullhu New Tab for Google Chrome

Call of Cthulhu gives you clues as to how the game has developed through the menu system, and as soon as you start the game you find yourself in a big nightmare. In the game in 1924, we run a special detective called Pierce. Pierce, who spends the worst period …

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate New Tab for Google Chrome

Smash Bros games, a result of the gathering of all the heroes of Nintendo, have been one of the strongest trumps of the company for twenty years. After the first game in 1999, the last game of the series, which comes to different consoles, is the guest of Nintendo Switch. …

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Apex Legends

So far, Respawn Entertainment, which has always been engaged in AAA multiplayer aiming games and most known with Titanfall, released its new game Apex Legends. After the impact of PUBG’s battle royale cake, the company wants to take a share of the company; Apex Legends seems to have achieved this. …

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Kingdom Hearts 3 New Tab for Google Chrome

Kingdom Hearts stepped into the game world for the first time 17 years ago and finally showed his face again in the market. In the story lies the collision of darkness and lightness. In other words, Master Xehanort represents the dark side with the newly formed Organization 13. We are …

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Forza Horizon 3 New Tab For Google Chrome

Forza Horizon, the third game with the dust came back to smoke. Forza Horizon, which is one of the most established places in the racing game series, has always been one of the favorite productions of racing enthusiasts with its graphics, gameplay, freedom, festival air and numerous vehicles. Forza Horizon …

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