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The Simpsons Game New Tab for Google Chrome

Now with The Simpsons: Hit & Run you are able to get control of this crazy family on our computers. He can kick with Homer, with Bart, to run with logic and to rationalize with Lisa, and of course to distribute his duties as Marge. Unfortunately, there is no Maggie in the game, but who would make a section to play with a continuous pacifier?

In the game, the town of Springfield is fully preserved. We did not see in the series, but used in the drawing phase of the maps were used and the roads are kept in the same way. In the second part of the game you’re already realizing it when you’re dealing with Lisa. After coming to Kwik-E-Mart, the second street on the right is Lisa’s school. Those who want to live here came to raise hands.

The Simpsons are really animated in their minds (of course in three dimensions). You don’t feel their shortcomings because they used their original sounds when they were revived. The producer of the series, Matt Groening, is on top of the game’s preparation and control squad. The sounds of all the main characters were prepared by bringing the actors in the series. None of them are quoted from the array.

Come to our goal. The goal in the game is just an existing point there. We drive, run, bounce, and walk around town. Overall a platform with a racing game is a situation that added to the adventure of breaking a platform. I can tell you it’s a great fun.

The game has over fifty episodes, about forty different vehicles, and up to four players. Frankly, I’m smiling. Think about it after years. Your children, or those with children already. Keep in mind that you can try this game to tell the truth about The Simpsons. Let’s play, full archiving making. Somehow we can reach the series, take the game aside and put aside. Some things never lose their value, fortunately this is the case. What did Homer say? Ooooooooo … Donut ….

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