Hay Day

The first plus of Hay Day compared to other games played on Facebook is that you can leave the game at any time and continue where you left off at any time. They don’t have the disadvantages of your crops, your animals are dead.

The first time you set up the game you start by giving you a very short training. Beginning by teaching you to harvest the team, the game first makes a quick introduction to the hen and then to the animal husbandry. It continues to inform you again for every new game element. Considering that a lot of people don’t want to play some games because they’re confused, this game completely adapts yourself to you professionally.

With the increasing levels of crops and animal varieties, the machines you use in your farm are also increasing. For example, a cow gives you milk. You take this milk and make the slider, and then make the cream with the cream. While you can only sell products with truck orders up to level 7, then you open your own machine and you decide which product to sell at which price. In the end, you complete your mission by repairing your boat and preparing the orders that come with the boat.

There are 3 basic elements of the game in the first place. These; Gold, diamond and progress score. Gold allows you to buy everything you need. Diamond is a wildcard that you use to accelerate production and increase production capacity. Progress score is; every product you produce or harvest is given to you as a result of every task you complete and when you reach a certain score you are moving to the next level.

Hay Day is currently only available on iOS and Android platforms. As with many games, it offers you the option to buy diamonds or gold packets so that you can go fast. The visual quality, overall performance and strategic intelligence of the game allow you to love your farm even more at advanced levels.

You can fish at more advanced levels, as well as horse or donkey feed, gold or diamonds for your farm with beautiful ornaments by decorating according to your taste can be decorated. The game is based on Google+ and Game Center and connects with Facebook, making your friends who play the game your neighbor. In this way, you have a wider range of people with a larger number of friends and products to buy and sell and help.

For anyone who loves strategy games, Hay Day is a game that will be appreciated and appreciated by other farm games. We hope you enjoy this cute strategy game.