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Clash Of Clans Chrome New tab & Wallpapers

Our video game is called Clash of Clans. I have actually been betting about 1 month. The main objective in the game is to organize your village carefully, resist enemies and assault various other villages and win. So we can say that it is a strategy video game there is …

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Portal Knights New Tab for Google Chrome

Crafting with the development of Survival games has become an indispensable game system in many games. In the past we could only see this system in RPG games. Because these games, with few exceptions, did not offer as much diversity as today’s games, but we were impressed by the crafting …

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Jetpack Joyride New Tab for Google Chrome

Halfbrick Studios is one of the creators of Fruit Ninja. I am happy to recommend this game to you on my tablet and on my phone. This game is presented as a progressive game for the players. When we hit the screen in the game, the character is blowing up …

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Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 came out at a time, quietly shot. The iPad Mini also looks so good in every aspect. While adding highly innovative features, the developer team has managed not to disrupt the essence of the game. In short, if you loved the first Temple Run, even if you …

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Subway Surfer New Tab for Google Chrome

When a child paints the train with a spray, the officer and his dog recognize him and the chase begins. We’re running as long as we can. Yes, Subway Surfers is just that, but it’s quite fun and addictive. We start at 1x. This gives us 1 point per second, …

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