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Candy Crush Saga

If you haven’t spent your last months in a cave, you must have heard of Candy Crush Saga. If you are interested in caving, let’s extend this period to a few years: you cannot know Bejeweled and its countless clones! Now, Candy Crush is one of those” clones.” But while …

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Clash Of Clans

Hi, everybody; Today I will review a game for you. 😀 Our game is called Clash of Clans. I’ve been playing for about 1 month. The main goal in the game is to organize your village wisely, defend against enemies and attack other villages and win. So we can say …

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Gta Vice City

Game Developer: Rockstar Games Game Rating It was a terrific game by the time the game came out. It was a game that survived into the game world in a lot of subjects at the time. He left the player alone with the freedom on the 3-D map he presented …

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Hello Neighbor

Envision you’re a little youngster in a peaceful suburb, playing in the road on a charming evening. All of a sudden, there’s a horrendous yelling from your neighbor’s home over the street. You run over and look in the neighbor’s window without a moment to spare to see him blockading …

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SimCity Buildit

Considering EA’s ongoing pattern of restoring old IPs in a freemium world, it’s protected to state that desires weren’t high when it was declared that SimCity would come back to iOS with an allowed to-play model. However, SimCity BuildIt (Free) is shockingly middle of the road with impressible visuals and …

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Super Mario & Sonic

Following 12 years and five games, Mario and Sonic contending together at the Olympics is never again stunning. The enmity of the Sega/Nintendo ’90s support war has since quite a while ago died down; Mario and Sonic have gone head to head crosswise over three ages of Smash Bros games, …

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