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Candy Crush Saga

If you haven’t spent your last months in a cave, you must have heard of Candy Crush Saga. If you are interested in caving, let’s extend this period to a few years: you cannot know Bejeweled and its countless clones! Now, Candy Crush is one of those” clones.” But while so many clones are fading away, some are going beyond being clones and tapering off under their own name. Candy Crush is also one of these successful games. In the end, we couldn’t stand it, so we examined it!

Let’s talk about the game in case you’re in the middle of a cave. A region divided into squares (although classically rectangular, Candy Crush is also very different shapes are involved) and each frame has different colors of candy. If you can make a triple row by replacing these sugars with those in the neighboring square, the sugars explode and bring you points. Sounds easy, right? Like any good puzzle game anyway, it’s really simple to start Candy Crush. But once you’re involved, that’s when the rules change.

First of all, different types of explosions have different consequences. For example, if you blow 4 pieces together, one of the exploding candy comes instead of a different candy. When this candy explodes, it explodes an entire row or column. If you pop 5 of them, it turns out to be a candy that pops all the candy from the color you moved. If you blow up an edge-corner combo of 3e3 similar to the letter L, this time a field-burst candy will come out. It’s not over! These special sugars also give different results when they are detonated together. In short, even sugars have a certain depth.

Not only that, but the divisions are changing. For example, there are jellies that explode when the squares around them explode, or chocolates that multiply unless they explode. Some of these jellies are trying to finish in the department, some of the nuts in between, such as the materials to drop down, the tasks of the department can also change.

On the other hand, sometimes the game can’t stop repeating itself, but this is a situation that happens in all of these types of games. The producers would have thought that, too, they had designed some weird episodes. And here’s my favorite part of the game: you get tired of playing Strange Parts, because they’re often too hard and too attached to luck.

Despite everything, Candy Crush Saga offers hundreds of episodes and allows you to play everything at no charge. I might add that the producers are increasing the number of episodes. As well as being available in all mobile environments and playable from Facebook, it means you’ll have plenty of friends to ask for tickets or beg for extra energy/extra items for Cross-area passes on the map where the sections are located!

Finally, let’s look at how the game speaks to our perceptions. I think that’s one of the great things about Candy Crush. With its bright and high quality graphics and interesting music, it is sometimes possible to play the game even for the pleasure of eyes and ears. You know, the kind that would make a “eye candy” joke if we were writing in English?

At the end of the day, Candy Crush Saga is already a phenomenal game and offers a long, enjoyable gameplay. If you want to pop candy instead of rocks, you’re not going to get any better. Make sure you hate chocolate in those difficult sections, because you can use it for diet purposes as an alternative!

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