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Video games are one of the most popular entertaining stuff in our life. We provide high quality screen shots or customized wallpapers of the games and moreover, we also provide tips about the games under this section.

Battlefield 1 New Tab for Google Chrome

A WAR THAT BRINGS AN END TO ALL The First World War has been a very interesting and mysterious event throughout the history of the fictional stories. Because of the limited evidence of that day, the events that occurred in the First World War were reflected in a distorted manner …

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Watch Dogs 2 New Tab for Google Chrome

Watch Dogs opened the doors of a new and exciting world. But he was just rung. The first game was never able to fully open those doors, and he was never able to fully instill the excitement we were looking for. Although Watch Dogs has a well-designed world and great …

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The Last of Us New Tab for Chrome

BIGGEST SECRET OF THE WORLD Mankind has always been the greatest mystery of nature. Even though space and beyond, it is the most secret of our lives, we are still the most enamored of most people. Humans are simple animals that are inherently selfish, governed by basic instincts. However, thanks …

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Red Dead Redemption 2

Candidate for the Best Game of the Year Rockstar Games, producer of the world-famous GTA game series has released finally second part of Red Dead Redemption 2 on 26th October 2018, after an 8-year break. They mentioned they were working hard on that game and it will definitely worth to …

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Civilization VI New Tab for Chrome

The Civilization series, which is one of the oldest, most rooted, most successful, most time-consuming, most annoying, most excited, and most energetic of the game world, has been in our lives for 25 years. MicroProse, a company founded by Sid Meier and his partner Bill Stealey in 1982, which usually …

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DIABLO 3 New Tab for Chrome

DARKNESS AWAITS If someone brings a DVD with no label on May 15th, you can take a look at the game, I have developed my friends and I think we are going to sell and if you want to get your ideas, you will probably say that when you play …

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Mobile Legends New Tab for Chrome

MOBA FOR MOBILE Mobile legends, offers to us playing a MOBA game in our smartphones. While the technology is developing with an over speed than expected, mobile game developers has started to produce unexpected gaming platforms for mobile players. At first, it has been thought as a bad idea playing …

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PUBG (playerunknown’s battlegrounds) New Tab for Chrome

A Unique Survival Game If you want to mention a Battle Royale game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is the most popular of them without doubt. Before PUBG, people were playing H1Z1 and Day-Z games as survival games. However, two game developer companies PUBG Corporation and Bluehole Studio released a game named …

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Fifa 19 Wallpaper Collection and New Tab for Chrome

An unstoppable passion No doubt, football is the most popular among all sports in the world. Especially in recent years, this popularity has caused football to become a business rather than a sport. Well, is this passion and excitement enough for a football fan to live in the stadium atmosphere? …

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