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Video games are one of the most popular entertaining stuff in our life. We provide high quality screen shots or customized wallpapers of the games and moreover, we also provide tips about the games under this section.

Fallout 76 Wallpaper Collection and New Tab for Chrome

DID THE WAR CHANGE? Now that the Fallout series has to be accepted, it has its own unique atmosphere, an interesting magic that draws the player in. We had the chance to experience this spell from Bethesda’s hands in the 3D world. Fallout 3 began to appeal to a wider …

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Far Cry 5 Wallpaper Collection and New Tab for Chrome

Far Cry, which first met with the players in 2004 and continued on its way as one of the oldest series of the game world, was in Crytek’s hands first. Making a great popularity in a very short time with the graphics and game play presented, the production changed hands …

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Rainbow Six: Siege

The new face of terrorists: Bioterror Tom Clancy games are one step ahead of all other peers in the military sense. The Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six are the series of battles you’ve heard and have tried at least one of them. In the Splinter Cell series, while …

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Rocket League Wallpaper Collection & New Tab for Chrome

CARS ENTERED INTO STADIUM! Do you like football? If so, you probably heard about the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and FIFA game series. Well, have you ever wanted to play a football game that has different dynamics and a different environment? If your answer is yes, I want to introduce …

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Clash Royale

DECK TO DECK! Supercell Gaming Company, which stolen the hearts of mobile gamers with the Clash of Clans in 2013, has released another fantastic game, Clash Royale. The game is a strategic deck game in a nutshell. You and your rival prepare your decks according to your strategies and fight …

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Marvel’s Spider-Man Wallpaper Collection & New Tab for Chrome

Your friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man! We have been together with the Spider Man character with plenty of series, animations, movies and thousands of comics since he showed up himself in a comic book called Amazing Fantasy published in 1962. This friendly superhero has become one of the most loved fiction characters …

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