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The Last of Us New Tab for Chrome


Mankind has always been the greatest mystery of nature. Even though space and beyond, it is the most secret of our lives, we are still the most enamored of most people. Humans are simple animals that are inherently selfish, governed by basic instincts. However, thanks to our ability to use our brains at a higher level than other creatures, we have managed to follow a different path from other creatures by placing some rules and disciplines on these basic motives. Our game The Last of Us is based on these secrets.

In the Last of Us universe, a Cordyceps-type fungal infection poisoned millions per night, turning the world into a hell. This infection, which is caused by the inhalation of the spores or the path of fluid transfer (usually bites), causes people to reach their brains and grow there and turn them into creatures that show aggressive and dangerous behavior in two days. In later stages, they begin to reveal deformations in their bodies, especially in their heads. As the disease progresses, these deformations grow and eventually a kind of creature can be called.

The story of The Last of Us begins with Joel on the first night. Joel, who has lived a beautiful life, is one of the millions of people who have suffered such a disaster in one night. But the focus of his story is 20 years after the disaster.


After being entertained by the Uncharted series for years, Naughty Dog has been playing The Last of Us by us with its logic (That is  enough fun, let’s live a little tragedy). Although Nathan Drake has encountered some difficulties in his life, none of these can be as tragic and sad as Joel and Ellie ever had.

Survival / adventure-type game The Last of Us, now as you all know, has entered his fifties, and tells us about the journey of fourteen-year-old Ellie, who was born in such a horrible world. In The Last of Us’s screenplay, two stories are presented together. The upper part of the two characters to save the world in the beginning of the journey they are told, the lower part of the relationship between the two and other survivors in the lower part of the world and the changing nature of these relationships are revealed how the real face of the relationship is shown.

20 years after the great outbreak, the events are stopped, but they do not take any action to get better. Quarantine zones have been created in the world and these regions are under the protection of armies. But since the word conservation has a different meaning for everyone, quarantine zones are not suitable places for everyone. The outer world, as a long-forgotten realm, has a place in mind. The worse the quarantine zones are, the more outside the world. Even though millions of old people who still have their share of the infection, even if they are not infected, the outlawed bandits are trying to make their lives and laws live around the communities that are trying to establish a new civilization. The only thing you can count on in a world like this is to take a 14-year-old boy next to himself on an adventure he isn’t sure of, but it was Joel’s.


The Last of Us is a game of survival, but the action lies on its basis. The puzzle part of the game consists of only environmental puzzles and they are not at a level that will force you. It is not possible in many places to lose your way, because there is a system foundation that advances linearly. Maps are usually opened in the direction you are going. If you are likely to lose your way on some of the big maps, if you’ve been around for a few minutes, the game will show you a hint; show you what to do or where to go.

The only point where the game’s lineup is removed is battles. Most of the maps you fight are wide and there are multiple entry and exit points, so you have the opportunity to do the same battle with different tactics. Basically, you have two options: direct attack and stealth attack. You can do this in different variations depending on the materials you have, the condition of the map and your technique.

In The Last of Us, where you have different types of weapons, you have a wide range of options, from machine guns to arrows and pedestrians to flame guns. In addition to this, you have the possibility to strengthen all the guns at the work tables thanks to the mechanical parts you find around. You have a melee weapon and a knife that you can use outside of hot and ranged weapons. The knife is used only in quick time events during the war and in opening some doors, while your melee weapon is used to defeat your opponent without spending any ammo. If you strengthen this weapon, you are sending the enemy in one move in the first two attacks. Knives and melee weapons are worn and broken. Therefore, you have to renew constantly. You need to find your melee weapon around you while you do your knife.


The Last of Us also has plenty of survival features. With the crafting system in the game, you can collect the pieces of scissors, gauze, rags, alcohol and other small items such as pocket knife, smoke bomb and health kit.

Joel strengthens his skills with the pills he collects. You are developing your hearing skills, health level, production speed and a few more skills in secret attacks by using these pills. By pressing the R2 key, you can see the enemies around, even if they are on different floors or behind the walls. Finally, with the help of educational journals in your places, plus points are provided to your skills.

Joel is the main character in The Last of Us, but you can also play with Ellie in the following sections. Although there is no big difference between two characters, small details make the job a little more attractive. On the other hand, in this dreadful world where Elli is born, you better understand what she has learned so far, how she developed her personality and how she puts it into practice.

In the Enemies part you have two types of enemies, creatures and people. People who try to survive outside the quarantine zones and are not affected by the disease, although they create a community within themselves, do not hesitate to be sensitive and hostile towards strangers. These come in varying degrees according to the community, but the outlaws are the most important of the dangers that threaten other people’s lives in order to survive. In the beginning of the game as if the biggest problem seems to be ill, but you do not realize that the biggest enemy is the people who have not covered the disease.

In addition, different types of diseases are also encountered. Runners are those who are in the first stage of the disease, who are seen, heard, and quite fast infected. Then the Chuckles are coming. In the later stages of the disease, these infectious individuals are deformed and do not see their eyes. Therefore, they are sensitive to sounds. Besides, there are bombers that are infectious. The bombers, who have a bigger size than others, can attack you by throwing remote gas bombs unlike others. The most effective way to download them is Molotov cocktails and nail bombs.


In the water in the open spaces you need to see the bottom of the water enough to understand the depth and congratulate Naughty Dog for the naturalness of your character’s swim movements. Reflections that hit the window due to the light inside the dark air next to it mouthwatering type. In this game where the attention to detail is taken into consideration, the scenes shot with the mo-cap are as perfect as you can imagine.

During the dialogues, the character mimics and lip movements synchronized perfectly. Even the slightest detail has not been missed. Whether it’s render cinematics or cinematic for the game, it makes you feel like you’re watching a movie.

The dialogues and voices section are already prepared as wonderfully as you can see from the videos you have seen so far. The tone of the conversations, the balance of the emotional upswing and the rising and the sound levels always make you think of the cinematic output. In addition, the environmental sounds are as successful. There is a section in the game that you are riding at and the horseshoe sounds of the ground according to the type of reaction are very successful. But especially the gunshot sounds. According to your distance from the sounds, dispersion and toughness are well balanced.

The Last of Us’s music comes from underneath in the game, giving you the atmosphere of the scene. Tense music in an environment full of enemies allows you to stay alert, while the music in the emotional scenes makes the actions hit on your face rather than on the screen. In addition, music in the battle scenes also indicates that the war is not over. In this tactic, which is used frequently, the tension music that plays in the environment ends when you kill the last enemy and you understand that this is the end of the war. Although your make you realize it by talking to you.


As Ellie behaves like a teenage girl, as well as being aware of what is going on around her, Joel’s ability to act as a responsible adult and deal with the pain of her past thanks to Ellie’s friendship shows that the story is considered to be the finest detail. Besides, the freedom offered in the battles prevents these parts from being boring and monotonous.

I think The Last of Us should not be missed by PlayStation 3 users. Maybe it’s not a game with a high level of replay, but I would recommend that you look at Joel and Elli’s adventure at least once. Indeed, The Last of Us tells us more than the journey of two people in the world that has just been destroyed by a virus. In a world where everything is getting worse, how wrong are people for their own interests and how they try to justify it; he tells us that there is nothing. Just like the word Joker called Batman in The Dark Knight:

 ‘’These civilized people eat each other when things get worse. “

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