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Civilization VI New Tab for Chrome

The Civilization series, which is one of the oldest, most rooted, most successful, most time-consuming, most annoying, most excited, and most energetic of the game world, has been in our lives for 25 years. MicroProse, a company founded by Sid Meier and his partner Bill Stealey in 1982, which usually produces strategy and flight simulations, wanted to expand his repertoire in 1989 and came up with SimCity and Populous. In this way, MicroProse, who made a solid entry into the world of strategy, developed Railroad Tycoon in 1990. When the calendars showed 1991, the apocalypse broke off, and the legendary name, Civilization, which allowed us to rewrite history, was released for sale.

With its amazing details for the Civilization period and the unprecedented diplomacy and strategic depth it offers to the player, he was very pleased with the players of the period as well as a new culture. In 1996, the second game released MicroProse, the same year closed the shutters. In late 1996, Sid Meier and his friends, who left MicroProse, founded Firaxis and launched Civilization 2. Then, Civilization III in 2001, Civilization IV in 2005, Civilization V in 2010, Civilization in 2014: Beyond Earth was 2016 and Civilization VI appeared.

First, the first thing that attracts our attention in the game is the changing graphics structure. As a matter of fact, the Civilization series started to exhibit a different kind of animation with its design lines for a long time. In Civilization V, we have seen this orientation seriously. Now in Civilization VI, Firaxis has completely put its design into an animated style. In fact, at first glance, although this seems a little upset with us, as soon as we enter the game this feeling is lost. Because the graphic style of the game somehow manages to adapt to the atmosphere of the game, what is overlooking, what more. However, there is a point to be criticized here.


When we look at the game world, all the series that come out are going through serious evolution over time, especially if a game has been in the market for more than 25 years, radical changes can be expected in each new version. Unfortunately, Civilization VI does not offer radical changes, especially in the visual sense that I expect. While the graphics quality of the game, such as coatings, lighting, etc. may vary considerably, there are still some shortcomings in detail. For example, at least I believe that the cities we have established are still not sufficiently grand or elaborate. At least if Firaxis raises the areas that cities occupy on the map, and show us the civilians that are circulating in the city in some way, the game may draw us a little bit further. So I can say that I couldn’t see a serious change in the game from ancient times to the era of industry. Yes, I felt I was improving, but not in a visual sense.

Nevertheless, if we put aside the non-significant visual quality of Civilization VI, the real issue is broken in the game’s gameplay. Now, to be clear, it is absolutely impossible to describe Civilization VI in full detail on the first day of its appearance. Because the game has so much detail that I would have to postpone the review next month to tell you all about it. That’s why I’m going to talk about what’s new about them as much as I can.

First of all, the first thing that strikes attention is the fact that the automatic build feature of the constructors that we shape around our cities has been removed. Now, at first glance, this situation seems a bit annoying, but Firaxis said that this kind of feature is keeping the player from making important decisions and that the automatic creation of the designed cities has a boring effect on the player. Well, what I’ve got to say is a good thing. We are now examining cities much more and are able to do much more productive work. I can say that the game is really cool.


Another important innovation in the game is the discoveries. The game can now give you tasks to speed up the technological discoveries you have developed. For example, in order to accelerate your work on scientific theory, the game seeks to establish 2 universities. In this way, the speed of your development is increasing, as well as the technologies you need to discover much faster. For example, one of the examples that you will like to study on astronomy will be asking you to build a university on a mountain. Thus, the game continues to emerge with many different tasks throughout your development.

Another important innovation is the new “Government” system. Together with this system, we do discoveries of discoveries as well as technology discoveries. Thanks to these discoveries, we get different bonuses; we get a new card after each discovery. We can add the cards we have obtained to the mini-deck in the game, for example, we can increase the right of every builder to build 2, and we can get similar benefits. The features like faith and religion from the old Civilizations have remained almost the same.


Civilization VI, the happiness of the public now works like Civilization V before. Civilization IV until the happiness of the people spread to the entire empire, now again limited to cities as before. If you do not fulfill the needs of each city, if you do not do what they want, riots can emerge. This step of Firaxis proves once again that we should take care of every city.

Of course, when the subject is Civilization, one of the most important features is diplomacy. From now on, in Civilization VI, there are good  and new innovations. For example, when you encounter a new civilization, you can invite them to your capital. In this way, even though your place is out of love, in return you can experience love at first glance; you can start your relationship in a beautiful way. This innovation is really nice. As soon as we see a new civilization, we do not have to declare war or ignore it. It has added some depth to the game.

Now, let’s take a look at the development of the game. Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is now much smarter than it used to be. I’ve been in the Civilization series since the 2nd game, the French are now sneakier. So much so that after the war declaration is defeated, the beggar burns to your door and pay tribute, then, like Adolf Hitler, he steers his armies closer to your borders with small steps. I can easily say that the game follows your moves beautifully and waits for your weakest moment.

Now for the ones who said that I will not take the game in the beginning I want to answer the question whether the people who never played the series before. Yes, a thousand times, yes, a hundred thousand times yes. Because the training and training part of the game is so beautiful and detailed that neither squeezes you nor leaves you incomplete. He’s telling you exactly what you need when you need it. In this way, the learning curve is quite short, I’m sure you will not have difficulty. I mean again. Yes, even if you haven’t played Civilization now, it’s now.

What I want to say in my last sentences is that if you have a dream to build your own empire, and you don’t have the opportunity to do it in today’s world conditions, this dream will come true. You can even establish and manage a civilization, even a maritime empire, as well as the events of managing classic warrior societies, such as bringing many enemies to their knees.

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