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Book of Demons New Tab for Google Chrome

The Development and Release of Thing Trunk’s Return 2 Games: Book of Demons was officially launched on December 13, 2018. Although it was the first game of the studio, they entered the market in an ambitious manner. There is even a manifesto among these claims. In the video you can find here, the purpose of the Return 2 Games title, including Book of Demons and future gaming plans, is not only to bring back and bring back the memories and sensations of the old classics, but also to divide the companies into the average / tight (casual / hardcore). they are also reaching out to the unstable segment.

Thing Trunk could not yet realize how much of their wishes would be in the following days, but the Book of Demons, from the very beginning of its early access to the game, won the likes of players and various independent play awards.

A passenger who returns to his hometown after a long time cannot find his village the way he left it. The demons kidnapped the town’s bishop and seized the cathedral. Everyone except the old wise, local healer, fortune teller and a lady innkeeper were either killed, lost their minds or fled too far. As adventurers, we are descending into the cathedral and clearing our country from these creatures.

The graphics of Book of Demons, which reinterpreted Diablo in many comedies, are also cartoonized paper people and spaces in accordance with storytelling. Thing Trunk’s names of the paper universe (paperverse) in the artistic style of decision-making and implementation stages are fully integrated into the game.

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