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Bad North New Tab for Google Chrome

Developed by Plausible Concept, Bad North was launched on August 20, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Let’s take a look at this strategy game which combines a minimal graphic understanding with roguelike. Our goal at Bad North is to capture the islands on the map. In doing so, we must protect our soldiers, and attack the attacks.

I guess it wouldn’t be wrong to use the term real-time strategy for Bad North. However, unlike strategy games, we do not produce our soldiers in the game. We train our soldiers well and use them in wars. We start the game with two commanders in total. We can get new commanders on some islands we have captured (islands with a flag on it). We have to train the soldiers in their hands according to our needs and to attack the incoming enemy attacks.

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One of the reasons that commanders are important is that the number of commanders determines how many different attacks you can take in one round. If you are attacking an island, if you think two of the commanders are enough, you can do an attack with them if you have idle commanders. With four of your commanders, you can attack four different candidates, of course. However, it is useful to be careful, if your commander and soldiers in your command die, you are losing them forever.

When you enter the battlefield of the game, you choose the commanders you will use and you start fighting. The maps are all islands. What you need to do is to intervene at the right points to the enemy soldiers that come with the boats. If you do not meet enemy soldiers in the right places, they are starting to set fire to the settlements on the island. When these settlements are burned, even if you win the battle, the prize you receive is decreasing.

When you win the battle, you receive a certain amount of gold from the settlements on the island. You can share this gold among the commanders participating in the war and train the soldiers. Even though the training costs of the soldiers are a bit salty, they play an important role in the game.

There are three different units in the game where you can upgrade your soldiers; archers, spearmen and infantry. Archers have the opportunity to attack remotely, but it is very difficult for the shielded soldiers to cross. They are also massacred in close combat. Spearmen are very good at defending a certain point, but open targets for archers are also unable to attack while moving. The infantry can protect themselves against archers with their shields and they are very good at the attack.

We have the opportunity to upgrade all the troops three times, and each time their features are increased. The archers’ range, as well as the rate of finding the arrows they throw the target is raising. In addition, after the first time we develop troops, we can also teach our troops. While the infantry jumps from the heights to the enemy and distributes the enemy, the archers make an arrow in a certain area.

Apart from these improvements, some of the islands have some items that we can add to our commanders. While some of them allow us to call for help from the surrounding houses, some of them throw the soldiers we have attacked into the air. We can also make these things stronger with the gold we earn.

There are 7 different units in Bad North that you will encounter in total. Although it is not necessary to initially strategy enemies, Brute and Brute Archer units start to experience serious problems when you join the war. Brute Archer you need to do serious strategy to download the unit, or the arrows with each arrow they swear no matter who they are.

The graphics of the game are designed quite simply. It is not very detailed, but it has a very soft texture. I’ve never seen a benefit or damage to the music of the game, they are very simple. Sound effects in the moments of war are also quite simple.

Looking at Bad North in general is quite a fun game. The violence he is hosting, the game is forcing you to strategy at certain points and the roguelike event is very successful. However, the biggest problem of the game, low playability. So when you go to a certain point in the game and die, you find it hard to find a reason to start from the beginning. In short, Bad North is a beautiful and successful production that can be played and played. However, if you are looking for a game that will bury your watches, it will not be the right option.

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