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Kingdom Come: Deliverance New Tab For Google Chrome

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is fully built on the story. First of all, there is no character creation screen in our RPG genre. We play a villager named Henry and his father and his character, who are working as blacksmith. Henry, who had a bad experience at the beginning of the game, finds himself suddenly unable and helpless. As a result of our duties, both his social status and his self-evolving Henry succeeds in loving himself, although not as much as a Geralt. The other main characters in the game have been seriously crafted, not grinning on both characters and modeling. Warhorse succeeded in passing the class in this sense.

The story proceeds from classic RPGs to the way we’re used to. Go on over there, do this, come back on you. But interestingly, as we are used to other RPGs, there are almost no tasks such as cut off and collect. The vast majorities of the tasks in the game are based on a solid story and consist almost entirely of dialogues. Kingdom Come: This is exactly what Deliverance is the strongest. But we have a problem. Kingdom Come: Although Deliverance promises realism to the player, only a realistic atmosphere and well-prepared dialogues may not be enough. We are the players who always love the action, want to do it in excess. Kingdom Come: Deliverance unfortunately offers very, very little action to the player. Although the filmmakers wanted to let us play the game without fighting with anyone, there were a lot of places in the game where I said I should shake a sword. Producers can say that the action is a little overdosed.

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I also want to log into the game’s fighting system. First of all, it is obvious that the filmmakers are trying to implement the quest for realism in the combat system. For Honor players are familiar with a system that lets you swing the sword or weapon wherever you want. You can swing your weapon from 6 different areas in total, so you can witness a relatively realistic combat system. However, there is an important situation here. Although the filmmakers’ search for this realism seems to be successful on paper, I can say that the animations were not successful because of the stump and lack of flow. During the fight, you are constantly confused and you are faced with a system that you cannot understand exactly what you are doing. Especially if there is more than one enemy, the combat system becomes a complete chaos.

Although I understood the good intentions of the Warhorse producers, a combat system with at least two different options could be added to the game. Players should be able to choose a simpler and more fluent combat system. It seems that he needs a serious update on the fighting system.

After putting the combat system aside, let’s enter the RPG elements of the game. First of all, there are different options and abilities such as power, agility, endurance, charisma. However, when you level up these abilities, you are able to improve and improve the level of skill you use, not the ability points you use. For example, as you use a sword, your sword skills are leveling and you can gain different abilities. Likewise, your ability to speak also increases as you speak, so you are more likely to impress the person and solve some problems by just speaking. In this respect, the game gave me the feeling of Fallout, I can say that the number of games that can give that feeling is very little.

The equipment in the game is a bit different than the kind we can see in an RPG game. While the armor you wear in the classic RPG games reduces the damage that directly affects your total armor, in the Kingdom Come, the armor covering different parts of your body can only affect the damage you take to those areas. For instance, you can reduce the damage of the attacks on the area by a shoulder strap on your shoulders, and even prevent them completely according to the quality of your armor. This is one of Kingdom Come’s beautiful aspects. I also want to share a small detail with you. The armor you wear in the game not only increases the strength of your character, but also increases your social status. For example, when you wear shabby dirty clothes, NPCs don’t shake at all, so you can shoot Sir, Sir Knight when you go with bright armor. This detail is really very pleasant.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the most successful places are Section design or map. First of all, let me tell you from the beginning. The map of the game is not very big. But what I’ve seen in a video game is really one of the most realistic, most eye-catching designs. The slopes, forests, villages, paths, fortresses, so beautifully designed and placed so many times, I watched the environment sit down. You can even add volumetric fog to the game in a mode that you can download on the PC platform, making it twice as beautiful.

On the side of the voices, he made successful works in production character voices. Sword shield effects, environment sounds are also quite successful. Music’s the region reflects the period of the works of the region with the rust of your ears. Although there are minor difficulties, they do not create very big problems. Warhorse, I can say that it is both visually and audibly successful.

Long story short Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the new Skyrim began to be considered by the players. Of course, when you look professionally, there are a lot of things that can be understood from a stand-alone studio.

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