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Kingdom Hearts 3 New Tab for Google Chrome

Kingdom Hearts stepped into the game world for the first time 17 years ago and finally showed his face again in the market. In the story lies the collision of darkness and lightness. In other words, Master Xehanort represents the dark side with the newly formed Organization 13. We are trying to bring together 7 luminous pieces. In this respect, Sora and his friends continue to explore the world of Disney, while King Mickey and Riku are sailing on a different adventure after Aqua. Lacking important memories of the past, Sora is trying to awaken the power in it.

Although Kingdom Hearts 3 tries to tackle its own main story, it focuses on different stories as well as the most important games in the series. These different stories, of course, are hidden in the Disney world’s we go through throughout the game. Throughout the story, we get the chance to go to many different worlds, from Toy Story to Pirates of the Caribbean, from the Land of Snow to Monstropolis.

Moreover, the story of all these Disney worlds has been very well fed into the game. So when you go to the world of Big Hero 6, the world of San Fransokyo, you see the story you know from the movie, and you see how beautiful the characters of the game are added to the story. The worlds we have visited before have their own stories. In other words, we find the story of Hercules, which we have visited many times before, not from the beginning, but from within. Moreover, there are dozens of other characters out of the worlds.

You can take some of the food you collected from the movie Ratatouille to Remy, and you can help him with his cooks. It is possible to reach dozens of similar mini games throughout the game. You can even access games like Game & Watch through your newly added phone. Obviously, as always, the game has an incredible variety of characters and license status. In fact, there is probably very little construction that could pour water into the Kingdom Hearts series in terms of character and story licensing.

One of the most intriguing points in Kingdom Hearts 3 is that of Final Fantasy characters. In the most important games of the series, the Final Fantasy characters, which come as a surprise and let us experience a different kind of nostalgia, are completely ignored. It is not a huge deficiency for the game, but if you follow the series closely I have to admit that it is a strange situation.

Kingdom Hearts 3 follows in the footsteps of the series as well as many different dynamics. First of all, if you don’t count the surprise characters, you’re playing a big part of the game with Sora. Donald and Goofy are always our biggest supporters. We cannot control their control again, but you can direct some commands from the settings section. When we started the game, we were allowed to shape the characteristics of our character in classical training. Here, you will be able to direct both your life and magic bar and your abilities in different ways. Although the elections here seem insignificant, they are the basis of your main features in the war system. If you like to do magic but make a wrong choice, you often experience mana during the war. In short, if you want to concentrate on such features as a melee, defense or magic system, the choice you make will be more important.

Of course the system of the game does not confine you to these patterns. I can even say that Kingdom Hearts 3 is more ambitious than all the hacking slash games you see in combo and diversity. Depending on the weapon you are using, the feature or the ability to unlock, the combat system is changing so much that you cannot hide your confusion in the face of this action. Let’s start with the weapons.

At the end of each world, you have a weapon that represents that world, and these weapons give you quite a different combo and feature. Each weapon you receive has two different forms. Apart from normal use, you can also activate different forms of weapons thanks to a bar that fills as you attack. In the end, a feature lock that we can call a weapon ultimate is opened and you can make special attacks in the field where you will be very active.

Of course, except the weapon features, the use of magic or as you progress in the game you have some features gained. In the Final Fantasy series, you are also allowed to use very different capabilities except for the spells and advanced versions like Fire, Blizzard or Thunder. For example, you can call the character Ralph from Wrect it Ralph, or Ariel, Simba, Wonder Balloon and Stitch, and you can invade your enemies with special attacks on them. Or with the Attraction Flow feature, it is possible to turn the fighting field into a huge curl with attacks like Splash Run, Mad Tea Cups, Blaster Blaze, Magic Carousel and Pirate Ship. In short, an incredible range of games in terms of combo and diversity is in question. Making all these attacks, using different features and making a big difference in this situation throughout the game is perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of Kingdom Hearts 3.

We are familiar with the series of Gummi Ship has preserved its place. But I have to admit that these parts are perhaps the most boring parts of the game. Gummi, which allows you to travel between worlds, can develop your ship by shopping or collecting items. The travel part is like a shot them up game. When traveling between the worlds you need to download the incoming enemies. In some moments, you may encounter different bosses. But as I said at the beginning, this interesting part of the first phase starts to become unnecessary as the game progresses. The most interesting aspect of the game already hidden behind this unnecessary word.

Graphics as much as the sound elements and music elements should not be ignored. character voices are quite successful if we leave aside the stale dialogues. Also, as I said, licensed music and scenes have improved this functionality. For example, in the Frozen section, I can say that the song that Elsa sang in the game has impressed me. Already always successful in the voice of the series, in this game has done its part.

To be reunited, the Kingdom Hearts 3 has managed to follow the series in spite of its crucial shortcomings. There are so many details that you will see and tell in the game, you need to explore many of them by playing. If you like JRPG genre or Disney movies, the game features all the features you can imagine.

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