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Firewatch New Tab for Google Chrome

Firewatch, which was developed by Campo Santo for a long time and met with the players, gives realistic and painful answers to these and many more important questions. It’s more than a game, it’s like a part of your life.

Firewatch, a story-based walk simulation, is a story-driven walk simulation, perhaps one of the toughest, toughest and immersive games ever released in recent years, for PC, PS4, Mac and Linux platforms. Production begins with questions on stylish backgrounds.


You meet a woman and says you Firewatch? What would you say to her? How do you think your relationship goes? Do you marry? Will your relationship go well? Do you have a child? What kind of dog do you get and what name? What if you lose the love of your life?

No, it’s not death. It’s not a disease. It’s painful, it’s something that refutes people but can be genuine. They say they won’t kill you, but it hurts. That’s what it is. What do you do if your greatest love is not with you while you mean the meaning of your life? If you mobilize all your means to him, if nothing changes? If you’re going to miss your mind, is your heart like a glass sculpture divided into thousands of pieces?

Here Firewatch offers you this. This is not a story in which you make your blood donate to the enemy with the latest deadly weapons, or escape the trotter from evil to death. On the contrary, life is one to one. Very sweet, very bitter.

Available in the Chrome Store

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