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Supercell Gaming Company, which stolen the hearts of mobile gamers with the Clash of Clans in 2013, has released another fantastic game, Clash Royale. The game is a strategic deck game in a nutshell. You and your rival prepare your decks according to your strategies and fight in a vertical arena. To win, you have to destroy your rival’s towers and castle.

At first sight, Clash Royale can be seemed a superficial and easy game, but I assure you that it is not. Because the game includes so many different monster cards with different qualifications for your deck and countless of combinations can be done with them. This variety on monster cards lets you create different decks that organized for different strategical purposes. Also, there is not just one arena in the game. Throughout the game, you will level up while you are fighting with rivals and you will have new monster cards and maps that you can challenge your enemies. After unlocking those new cards and arenas, the game gets more complicated than you can imagine.



Firstly, the game is played in a vertical manner. Briefly speaking, you are creating a deck of eight cards. Among the cards there are many options such as skeletons, goblins, giants, cannons, rockets. After you choose your deck, you are entering the game. There are a total of 3 towers in the middle and a main tower in the middle. Your opponent is o also in the same way. To use the cards, you need enough mana in your mana bar and every card needs different points of mana. You can see how many mana points your cards require, and the cards that in your hands. After putting it, you don’t have any control on your minions, so you need to put them at strategic points. These mana bars fill automatically throughout the game time. You are trying to destroy each other’s towers with your opponent in a certain period of time.

In the game you have jewels. You can buy these jewels with real money also gain them from the fights. So what do these jewels do? First of all, when you win a game, you are given a box. Gold and cards come out of these boxes. When you collect a certain amount of cards for a monster card that you want to use in your deck, you can develop that card. In this way, the health points and the damage per second of that card is developed.

When we look at the main menu of the game, some features takes attention. For example, you can watch the high level player’s matches and can learn new and different strategies. You can also join teams (clans). When you join any team, you are given the gift of success. One of the most important features of the team is the card donation system. You can fill out a missing card with your donation system and you can also make donations. If you donate, you are given gold and experience. It is not too bad to be able to earn a little gold by donating cards that you do not intend to use, because you will need gold to develop a card that you want more. Besides, you can make friends from your team and play friendly matches to try and develop your decks.

‘’Be careful about the Prince, if he hits you, you will be crushed!’’

Another feature in the menu is the screen to create decks. One deck consists of 8 cards. You can see all the cards you have on this screen and look at the features. Some cards are only melee, some are both melee and airstrikes, or there are cards that only attack to buildings. Of course, these cards have 3 different features. Some of them are usual, some of them are rare and the epic cards that hard to find. It is possible to create your own style of play according to the power and speed of your cards. You can create a total of 3 different decks and you can select one of these 3 decks when you enter the game. It can be a logical approach to make an experimental support and create new strategies.

Let’s talk about the gameplay. When you enter a game, your cards appear at the bottom. The interface is easily accessible via touch screens. You can use pre-determined sentences from the interface. For example, you have the opportunity to say good luck or good play to your rival. It also allows you to send your anger or happiness in the form of expressions. When the game starts, your potion starts to fill up and you make your moves. When the match begins, the arena separates into two parts. So you just have to place your minions on your own half. Apart from that, you can put your minions to your desired point. If you destroy a tower, you will be able to place minions in this destroyed tower area, and you will make your opponent sweatier.

When you win the game and have enough cups, you are moving into a new arena. These arenas differ slightly in terms of gameplay, and each new arena gives you access to different cards. You can also lower these cards from the crates. Since it is a mobile game, its graphics may not be so important because it doesn’t play on very high-definition monitors, but the game has a nice graphics and art design. Funny modeling of characters brings a different atmosphere to the game. Sounds may not be so important again, because usually players will be in a mobile environment in different environments, the sound can be completely closed.

‘’Don’t prepare a deck with full of attacking cards, sometimes you need to defend your towers!’’

Clash Royale is a game where you can spend your time with fun .It gives you the opportunity playing wherever and whenever you want due to being a mobile game.  It also helps you and your friends to have something to do when you are getting bored. And for the final words, this game helps people acquire strategical thinking and crisis management skills in short times. Besides having fun, don’t forget to develop yourself! Because a king is not just a warrior!

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