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The Room New Tab for Google Chrome

The Room, which was already on the PC platform in 2014, was launched for iOS-supported platforms. Now the developer team, taking advantage of the capabilities of Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s support to the back of the game was taken to the back. The Room with simple mechanisms is basically just a puzzle game. There are dozens of puzzles to solve in the construction that embraces the players with its old-style point and click-like gameplay structure. Unlike room-escape games that solve a lot of puzzles on the mobile platform, The Room’s puzzle structure is a little more complicated. Instead of just finding and assembling objects, you are trying to solve the riddles by using them on three-dimensional designs.

Tommy Wiseau, who created a very interesting film by using the name The Room at the time, is still in the cinema industry despite his criticism. The reason why I say interesting to the film is how to make a movie so bad and interesting? In 2003, Wiseau showed us this. After that, Fireproof Games, which prefers the curse of The Room, came to our minds with a production that cleans the bad feelings we felt for The Room.

At first, it is necessary to give some time to the game where the players do not get too hot with their heavy structure. Because if you want to finish the puzzles in one sitting, I can guarantee that your hair will be shed. The best part of these riddles, which are solved step by step, is that I think. After you solve a riddle, you take a break, go to another riddle, and solve the puzzle step by step.

In the puzzles of mysterious boxes, you need to use the special lens and catch the details that are not visible to the naked eye. Even if we use these details most of the time, we can sometimes pocket them and use them in the next riddles. Thanks to its mysterious structure, the question remains constantly on the heads, and the rest of the game gives you hints about the puzzles. Let’s note that each tip works when solving puzzles.

The quality of the construction of the puzzles becomes harder as the chapter passes, it is not bad. According to the other three-dimensional puzzle games, the boxes where the riddles are hidden are designed in detail. If you already finished the game sold on Steam for 10 TL, we recommend you not to buy it again on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch’s touch-screen mechanics or Joy Con’s motion sensor can be played on the Nintendo Switch.

When you’re at the end, if you like the puzzle type and are just looking for a deeply focused puzzle game, I suggest you give the Room a chance. But if you’re afraid to play puzzles in games, and you’re afraid to spend time on games like this, you can bypass The Room. The game on the PC platform, which pleased the developer in terms of sales, how much will it sell in Nintendo Switch? We’ll all see together.

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