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Rocket League Wallpaper Collection & New Tab for Chrome


Do you like football? If so, you probably heard about the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and FIFA game series. Well, have you ever wanted to play a football game that has different dynamics and a different environment? If your answer is yes, I want to introduce you the ROCKET LEAGUE. Are you ready to play a football match with cars?

Rocket League, released by Psyonix on July 7 on the Steam platform, reached an incredible audience in about a month.  It is not surprising because of the idea that playing football with cars. It takes everybody’s attention in a short time. Rocket League is not a car racing game; it offers the opportunity to play football with cars. RC-type vehicles to make a football match, although it sounds interesting for a while you understand that a relatively marginal idea.

’Cars are not just for races.’’

The game is certainly not as simple as it seems! When you are going through to make a score, your opponent might take the giant boll from your wheels. It is also a possibility to miss the goal of the ball with a change of direction at a time you must be prepared. Because it is hard to dribble the ball and the controls are need to be done as fast as possible. If you cannot adjust your speed correctly, you get the results you don’t want. This is where the fun starts. Like in classic football games, the team game is not dominant here, but luck and timing is very important. Making a score definitely wants ingenuity and mastery. So, I give you the advice to go to the game’s training option first. In this training option, you will be able to understand how to adjust your speed to the ball and get used to the controls. All the physical parts of the car are important when we try to score goals with RC-style cars; bumper, hood, wheels etc. Also when defending a goal. It’s a really great feeling to take the ball off the goal line with the car’s bumper. Being able to see the details in the game requires a bit of play experience, and when you win these experiences, you are taking a big step towards becoming a master player.

You can only gain experience by playing games, there is no other way. To play, you have two ways out of practice: single player and multi-player. Before coming to the multiplayer part, we need to talk about the single player part. In single player mode you play against a team of bots. In this way, you are going through the easiest to the most difficult process. The team can have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 4 people. 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 and 4 vs 4 team options are also available.

If Rocket League is a football game, you must set up a team just like in FIFA and PES series and open the season mode and manage the team. Of course, this is possible in this game. It is up to us to set the basic settings such as number of teams, number of players and how long the season will be. You can have a good experience with these.


Firstly, the keyboard is our most basic tool. Just like playing FIFA or PES, just hit the ball and score a goal, that’s all. Initially the ball is getting in the middle and a countdown starts. You can jump with the vehicles rather than the basic abilities of cars such as hitting the ball, tossing the ball back or forward. You can make a score by jumping.  You are free to go anywhere in the arena. You can go in front of your opponent, you can break his plans.

There are turbo fields in the field that enable us to accelerate when we pass through them. We are able to go to our destination in a very short time by gaining great momentum by using the turbo but there are also negative sides of it.If you use it too much, you can miss the ball and you would be the score instead of the ball. The positive aspect is to save a goal or to reach the ball and to score goals. Rocket League has done a good job on this; he created both competition in the sense and left turbos to various places in the field, they wanted to create more competition in the field.

If you have come to play football with cars you are in the right place but the game is not limited with this. You can modify the cars and also edit their size. But these modifications and size managements don’t affect your car’s technical features. No matter how high the vehicle is, no matter how high-level accessories are used, the durability and speed of all vehicles remain the same.

At the beginning of my writing, I told you about scoring goals or saving goals. Saving goals with the back of your car is a plus for you, because the game has a point system. Yes, every move you make is scored on a score system. If you get the highest score, you are the man of the match.

Rocket League is a stressful game especially when the last 10 second count down starts and the scores are equal. The speed rate of the events is so high that it ups your adrenaline level to its limit. The design of the stadiums makes you feel as if you are playing a champions league game final. Some stadiums are truly outstanding. As the pitches are quite wide, there may be moments when you want to jump into the game and join the game. Originality is very good and there is no unnecessary detail. The rest of you are waiting for you explore. In terms of graphics a great game awaits you. The game music is just as exciting as the game itself.

‘’Rocket League is not just a car and a football game! There is much more in it.’’

Finally, if you want to play a football game with plenty of action and explosions, Rocket League is just right for you. If you want to cheer like a real football player with your car, you can do it! If you want to be applauded by the crowd you can do it in this game! So,what are you waiting for?

Available in the Chrome Store

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