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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 New Tab for Google Chrome

The Pro Evolution Soccer series has undergone many changes over the years. Konami’s football game series, which holds the leadership of football games for a long time, started to lose blood rapidly after PES 2013. Over the years, EA Sports has worked quite well. PES, which has become the indispensable football game of the gamers with its close to the simulation mechanics, dominates the football fields. EA Sports did not stand idle. Developed FIFA series step by step.

 He got what he’s doing right, added it to FIFA, which is already in pretty good shape as graphics and atmosphere. It is not only unfair to say that it has been added to the game, but it has been able to improve the mechanics of many games and make FIFA the most admired football game. Especially after 2014, the FIFA series took the lead.

 The Pro Evolution Soccer series is in the shadow of FIFA’s success. However, the obvious developments on the PES side, especially for the last two years, proved that Konami would not leave the race. In the animations, developments in ball physics were under the shadow of licensing problems, but loyal PES players were aware of the fact that the series had come on the ground. Competition is always good. At least we are for the players.

 From time to time, between the two games, comparison of virtual environments that cause keyboard battles, the winner of this competition we are players and football fans. Apparently, it will be. Well, the last game of PES series, which is constantly evolving in the last 2 years and wanting to take back the lost leadership from FIFA Pro evolution soccer 2019, is a game. Has Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 been licensed by Spor Toto Super League to take the bar to the next level? PES 2019 Will she be able to win back her players and win her opponent?

Konami, who lost the Champions League license to his rival, tries to eliminate this deficiency by closing many leagues from different countries. Sports Toto Super League as well as in the game; Argentina, Italy, Chile, Belgium, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Russia, Scotland, Switzerland, Portugal.

 Of course the eyes, Spain; England and Germany are looking for the top class leagues, but unfortunately, these leagues in PES 2019 yet. Spor Toto Super League teams, with their logo on the PES 2019 takes place. This is the part that concerns the Turkish players. Jerseys, licensed logos, official Spor Toto Super League Cup, PES 2019, although not in the game, especially Super League teams, the statues of not stand out as an important deficiency. In the game, only Şükrü Saraçoğlu Stadium is located.

The producer, however, announced that the new Super League Status will be added to the game. If we look at the player faces, we can say that we are having a second disappointment. The faces of Turkish players and popular foreign players were almost exclusively national. But it is not reflected in such a way. PES 2019 has done a very good job again. Player faces look enormous.

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