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We love, admire, or just curious about each animals. We will provide some information about the animals and provide you their admirable pictures under this category.

King Cobra New Tab for Google Chrome

The cobra snake lives in hot regions such as India, South Asia and Africa. The most well-known cobra snakes belonging to the Cobra family are the king cobra, the Asian cobra, the spitting cobra and the Egyptian cobra. The most well-known features of these snake species are that they will …

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Black Panther New Tab for Google Chrome

Panther is one of the most interesting and most elegant animals. His shiny fur and deep gaze have aroused many people the desire and curiosity to learn more about this beautiful living being all the time. The word panther refers to a group of feline, not to a particular animal. …

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Lions New Tab for Google Chrome

Before moving on to the information about lions, it is interesting and want to correct the wrong statement that they used about all over the world. It should be noted that lions do not live in forests, so the title of the King of Forests attributed to them is incorrect. …

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Jellyfish New Tab for Google Chrome

The jellyfish from Scyphozoan and Cubozoa is one of the oldest creatures in the world. These living things, which have been flattened and adapted to swimming with umbrella-like structures, are very interesting. Translucent and gelatin-like form, and in some cases, the world’s greatest danger can be transformed into the sea, …

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