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King Cobra New Tab for Google Chrome

The cobra snake lives in hot regions such as India, South Asia and Africa. The most well-known cobra snakes belonging to the Cobra family are the king cobra, the Asian cobra, the spitting cobra and the Egyptian cobra. The most well-known features of these snake species are that they will have their necks upright and take the form of an oil lamp. They usually have heights up to 1.6-3 meters. Snakes, which are quite poisonous, have short poisons in front of their jaws.

The poison effect is effective by paralyzing the nervous system. The death of the victim is caused by the paralysis of the nerves that control the heart beat or the movement of the diaphragm. If these snakes are disturbed by people, the first movements will escape. But when they are compressed, they attack themselves by defending themselves. When they have their own unique shape, the front rib bones open upward and forward like umbrellas, and the skin on the lower part of the neck is stretched. All African and Asian snakes that extend the lower part of his neck are called cobra, although the true cobra snake is the genus naja. In the Middle East region known to date, there are 2 cobra species in Africa, 1 in Southeast and 5 in Africa.

These snake species prefer nutrients from mice, lizards, bird puppies and eggs. They can hunt other snake species very skillfully. Especially in Africa, the caper prefers snake in the choice of nutrition. Apart from this, seldom prefers other nutrients. Cobra snakes are usually active at night. They prefer to sunbathe during the day. During the breeding period, female cobras leave a safe place about 12-15 eggs to see the sun. Eggs spend the incubation period with sunlight. It is also known that some cobras keep their eggs at the beginning of the eggs for 40-60 days. The cobra puppies are about 25-30 cm from the egg.

Asian Cobras (Naja naja): These cobras are also known as glasses cobra and Indian cobra. They live in the Philippines, India, Taiwan, South China and Southeast Asia. They grow 1.3-1.6 meters long when they grow. Their colors may vary regionally. In some regions, darker cobras may be striped, speckled and light colored in some places. The Asia-cobra fed with rodents is usually seen in the habitats where the mice are located. Therefore, they cause more death than other species. People living in these areas are exposed to the dangerous poison of the cobra. People who play snakes prefer this type of cobra.

King cobra (Naja hannat): These cobras usually weigh 5.5 kg and weigh 9 kg. Among the snake species, the only species that make nests is cobras. Females with a height of approximately 46 cm, leaves and grass with two-storey nest makes. This leaves the eggs on the lower floor. When there is an incubation period, the female cobra guards the person upstairs. This cobra type also eats snakes. Since cobras do not live in public places, they usually do not bite people. However, the victim cannot survive for one hour when the antidote is not given in any bite.

Egyptian cobra (Naja haje): These cobras live in arid tropical climates. Their height can be up to 2.6 meters. Their colors are light brown and black. Poisons of these cobras with yellow color in the back region are very strong. He could kill his bitten victim in 10 minutes. They were formerly renowned as the holy snake of the Egyptians.

Spitting cobra (Naja nigricdlis): These cobras live in arid areas on the African continent. Their height can be up to 2-2.3 meters. These species do not bite their enemies for defense purposes. To his enemies, the corrugated poison gushes up his poison with his teeth. It can throw up to 2-3 meters away. The gap between the venom sacs of these snakes and the poison teeth is higher than the other coils. The venom leaps out against a person’s eyes with a certain pressure. 12-20 times in a row can throw poison. Although it does not harm people’s skin, it should be washed with water or milk when it comes to eyes. Otherwise, it will have serious effects such as blindness. Enough to kill living things like mice. Dogs may experience partial blindness.

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