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Path of Exile New Tab for Google Chrome

There are people who are passionate about his work. No matter what happens in their lives, they are the types of things that work in this direction and are aware of the value of what they do. They know what they love and don’t like very well, and one day, when they make an attempt about what they are passionate about, they have already determined how to do it.

The team that made the Path of Exile is such a team. Action RPG genre does not like the game and where he says the old ARPG games, if the market is bad, we also make our own game! Group these people we call the Grinding Gear Games, so in short GGG.

GGG is an interesting company. Since they announced the game in the fall of 2010, they have been working very quietly and deeply, yet they have achieved a very solid player. Particularly, this group of players began to grow as the game became open beta.

The first game of the GGG, the Path of Exile, is, in many respects, the most important thing for the former dungeon ARPGans. Diablo 3, a very disappointing player, wanted a game like this for a long time, even PoE players around the world, the point where PoE is the version that should be Diablo 3. But what does that mean?

To make the game, the player needs to be, this is a fact. To find out what is entertaining a player, the designer must first focus on the answers he finds within himself, and then look at the market. Experienced game designers working in the big game companies, after a while the player’s side is breaking away. Constantly interested in all four aspects of a massive project, struggling to find wrongs and truths, and ultimately turning it into a financial success, should be dulling the instinct of acting. No way.

The most important part that separates the Path of Exile team from the million-dollar companies is that they have not lost their instincts yet. At least the PoE is the one making you feel like that from the moment you first enter. Exile is a classic ARPG, but it’s more than the classic look. I can even say that it lies in a heavy workmanship. Beyond the minimalist story and simple gameplay mechanics, what makes the PoE so beautiful is the value it puts into detail.


The PoE world is dark and just as fantastic. This fantasy-like world is used in low fantasy. We take our first step into this world with one of seven characters. These characters are also integrated with the character class we choose.

There are character classes, like Diablo, each with a background story, just like a class, while new players can only select six, and then the Scion character opens. Our characters are Duelist, Marauder, Ranger, Templar, Witch and Shadow respectively. As we can see from the name of the game (Exile means Exile), each of our characters have been deported from the land where they live. They all have a different but one common point in the story of the deportation; Survival places to survive in Wraeclast.

Wraeclast is a geography where the unwanted elements of criminals and society are sent to die, boiling with a variety of creatures and danger. Here they come together with the criminals, and create a community against external threats to protect themselves, and try to survive, and we, as one of the survivors of our sinking ship, are playing characters trying to find our way in Wraeclast. The story of the game is very minimal, but if you want to learn something about your world, you can listen to the characters and search for clues that you can find in various regions.

There are seven character classes, at least one or two. For example, with its high speed and damage, the Duelist is a very successful hit character. Marauder, the pure warrior character, takes its strength from Strength and has very robust field attacks. The Ranger class’s Dexterity class can escape from damage with agility and remote critical damage.

Templar Strength and Intelligence is a mixture of classes. He can use both magic and magic. Witch uses our wizard class and Intelligence features. Expert in the use of elemental spells. Shadow is a mixture of Dexterity / Intelligence and the Rogue class in general. There’s also a Scion class for expert players, a class that’s hard to learn with a mix of Scion Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence, so it’s already opened once you’ve finished the game.

Classes are really deep, and the depth of the game is taken from the game’s ability system. One of the strongest aspects of PoE is the game’s ability system. The skill system is divided into Active and Passive. Active skills are things that you get from the stones that you place on the items in the game and use them while fighting.

Let me explain, for example, that Ranger has two talent stones that he has acquired in the first place; To use them you need to find and install any items with slots. As you use these abilities, they are also leveling up with you and becoming stronger.

There is a Passive talent system alongside active talent, that’s the language of language. This system, known as the Grid system, was previously used in the Final Fantasy X under the name Sphere Grid. This idea, which took place in Final Fantasy X, took the GGG and developed it. The Path of Exile has approximately 1,350 Passive capabilities.

You can select each of these abilities after leveling up. These are things that strengthen your character stats, things that affect every aspect of your character, from the damage you give, the damage you’ve received, and the meaning. Each character class is placed in various parts of this Grid system, so as you level up, you are going to find your way around the Grid system.

All of this means that it is easy to start, easy to learn, but there are many things you need to read in the long run. In this context, PoE gives the hardcore audience what they want. If you are looking for a game that is very detailed and you can read many guides for character development or create your own character structure, PoE offers the player the opportunity to engineering.

This system, which is not for everyone, would have kept the open beta of 2 million people. On top of this, there is no gold in the game, that is, there is no money system, instead there are items of money. You can swap these items to NPCs, or you can use them to strengthen your belongings. Designers do this to prevent inflation in the game.

Path of Exile hosts two main modes. These modes are called League. Currently there are two main League in the game. Standard League is the mode in which everyone plays when they return to the city where they were last lost and lost their experience points.

Hardcore League is the mode in which characters return to Standard League when they cannot be revived and died. These are obviously not the only modes. Descent, Turbo Solo Immolation has its own rules and maps as well as different game modes, these are constantly dynamic features of the game, preventing the player’s boredom and they really work.

Beyond what I mentioned above, Path of Exile is a multiplayer and free. This multiplayer structure is also quite interesting. All players are actually single servers. In fact, this could be troublesome for such a game. In this context, Exile solves the problem of crowds with plenty of space outside the settlement. So I can say that every player travels freely on his map.


But how is PoE free? The game is self-managing with the micro-purchasing system, but the GGG is very sensitive. He says that they are all cosmetics purchased for money in the game, saying they are totally opposed to items purchased as a team and disrupting the game balance. The GGG team says buying this principle ethically in microphones.

The Path of Exile has very good graphics for such a game, so I think I can only call it the sinking side, the music and the voice. This can be emphasized on the other side of the construction, but the other side of the structure is preventing you from disturbing. PoE is really making a hearty rejoice of the heavy followers of the kind of action role-playing game. The GGG team will be able to get a free plug-in every year for a period of 5 to 10 years.

Of course, the GGG team has taken many things from Diablo, and the game doesn’t have a structure that denies it. He takes Diablo’s favorite things and combines them with his own system and puts something new in his own right. If you like action type of action, you have to play it already, if you like hardcore games on this one, you should definitely play.

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