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What is Pokémon GO?
Pokémon was a very popular brand in the 1990s with its cartoons and games generally available on Nintendo consoles. Over time, however, it grew into a brand that lost popularity, followed only by a bone-only audience. Then a promotional video sensationally fell into the internet realm. This video was enough to rekindle the Pokémon fever within us, and at the end of a long wait, Pokémon GO came out in mid-2016.

To answer our real question, Pokémon GO, using your phone’S GPS and watch feature, understands where you are in the world at the moment and recreates your surroundings inside the phone. In doing so, the game is sprinkling around about the period. As a result, you find yourself running around the street with a phone in your hand. This concept is called” Augmented Reality”, that is, augmented reality.

What you do in the game, however, is not very different from the original Pokémon games. You travel through nature, you hunt Pokémons and make them fight. However, the beauty of the job comes at this point. Pokémon around you vary according to your location and time. So, if you’re only going to play the game at night, don’t expect to find another Pokémon from Zubat.

There are also some features that have been promised to be added to the game but are not yet available in the game. The most important of these are Pokémon swaps and fights between players. The fun of Pokémon games in general is already here. But there’s a lot of in-game activity you can do outside of it. It’s like visiting PokéStop and gyms.

PokéStop and gyms are in-Game States of places that matter in the real world. If you visit these places, you will be able to earn items and experience points that you can use in the game.

In a nutshell, Pokémon GO brings us back to the Pokémon experience of the 1990s, but this time, the player is us in the flesh.

If you like it, keep reading. Installing Pokémon Go on Android devices
The process of installing Pokémon GO for Android devices is easier than iOS. Because all you need is the APK file. After you find the file, enter the game with your Google account. Finding the APK file is a matter of concern. Because there is a lot of malicious software on the internet APK. Here you can find the APK file which we find safe as well as many sources.

Pokémon GO is being released every day in another country, but if you don’t want to wait and have an Android device, your only chance is to upload it with an APK file. Now for iOS.

installing Pokémon GO on iOS devices
we mentioned that setting up Pokémon GO on iOS devices is more difficult than Android devices. Yes, the process may sound long and complicated, but iOS devices can also be loaded with a functioning Pokémon GO.

on iOS devices, when you change the region you live in, you can get rid of the prohibitions imposed by that region. For that, these are what you need to do:

Pokémon GO Tips – teams, gyms and Gym battles
In the early days of Pokémon Go, we hunt Pokémon in general and do nothing but stuff our Pokédex. But doing them after a certain point brings our level of coaches to a point where every coach has to come. Gym battles.

In Pokémon Go, the logic of Gym battles in classic Pokémon games has been slightly altered. Your trainer is 5. when there is a level, you activate the Gym Battles feature of the game.

5. when you get to the level, the first thing you have to do is pick a team. Team Instinct in Yellow, Team Valor in red and Team Mystic in blue are our options. When we choose one of the teams in these colors, which is probably a reference to the original Pokémon games, automatically the same color gyms become our friend and our enemy with the others. We have no way of changing or reversing this selection. So check the gyms around you, which color suits you, before making your choice.

Your task after selecting your team is to take on the enemy while protecting the friendly Gyms. And how do we accomplish that? Continue reading.

Defending Gyms
For this, you must first find a Gym that belongs to your own team. If you find it, click on it and check if there is room for you to enter. If there’s room for you at the gym you’re looking at, Go in there. If there is no space, you should find a new Gym with space. Alternatively, you can come across gray-colored gyms, albeit very rarely. If you see a Gym like this, just dive right in. Because that Gym is waiting for you to come and get it. Go ahead and grab the gym on behalf of your team.

Once you get into the gym somehow, you have to leave a Pokémon there to defend it. Your Pokémon is waiting to defend the gym when you’re not there. So you have to choose a strong Pokémon. Also, your gym has a level. Every enemy attack he fends off causes this level to rise. Gym, the more level you get, the more teammates you can get inside.

Even if the Gym you’re trying to join is full, you can send Pokémon there for training. Pokémons have a certain number limit, just like Gym members. However, even if you can’t join the gym, you should send Pokémon there. This will earn you points and XP, and will cause the Gym level to rise.

Attacking Gyms
There’s one more thing you need to do in Pokémon Go besides defend Gyms. That’s taking over the gyms of other teams. Now let’s take a look at how we’re going to do that.

If you decide to attack a gym, as we mentioned in the previous section, you will be prepared. In that case, you should do your best. When you go to one of the enemy gyms, you’re fighting Pokémon that have been left there. And if you beat all the Pokémons, you can take control of that gym. Of course, now you have one more Gym to worry about. So don’t forget to strengthen your defenses.

You will soon read the most important points to consider when attacking enemy gyms. If you behave according to the Pokémon you meet, if you know their strengths and weaknesses, it’s easy to take over the gym. Now let’s look at those points.

Pokémon Power (CP):
Your Pokémon’s strength is measured by CP, which means Combat Points. The higher that number, the stronger your Pokémon is. CP directly affects the power of Pokémon’s attacks and special abilities. The easiest way to increase that score is with the candy’s. You can give candy to your Pokémon and increase the CP value. Candy can be accessed in a number of ways within the game. These ways include catching Pokémon, breaking eggs, or sending out too many Pokémon to Professor Willow. The key strategy here is to collect Candy by sending Pokémons you don’t use to Professor Willow and spend them on your favorite Pokémons.

Evolving Pokémons:
Evolving Pokémons both strengthens the capabilities they can and elevates CP values. So try to evolve your Pokémon as best you can.

Pokémon types
Pokémon Go’s battle mechanics, albeit somewhat simplified than the original games, still have the superiority of some genres over others. For example, fire Pokémons have the upper hand over grass Pokémons. However, this superiority does not come close to what CP value provides. So if the gym you’re attacking has grass Pokémon, don’t think the fire Pokémon will beat it anyway.
More information about Pokémon Wars, level jumping and Pokémon boosters can be found in our guide, which examines the topic deeply.

Pokémon GO news and updates
Ever since Pokémon GO came out, things have been going a little fast. So in order to keep up with the latest developments and what’s ahead, we have decided to collect all of our Pokémon news for you under one heading. Here, you can find all about Pokémon GO.Open the AppStore, scroll down to the bottom of the page and press “exit”
Open the Settings application and go to the language and region menu under the” General ” tab.
Replace your region with one of the countries from which the game originated. At this point, our suggestion is that you choose one of the countries in Europe. This will minimize your server latency.

Create a new AppleID. If you do this on your PC, you will not have to enter any credit card information. You need a second email account for this process.
Sign in to your device after you have activated your account using your second email. If you are asked for your credit card information, reject it.
Open the AppStore and download Pokémon Go.
After the application is downloaded, you can return to your old account. You can also restore your regional and language settings. The app is now ready to play.

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