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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate New Tab for Google Chrome

Smash Bros games, a result of the gathering of all the heroes of Nintendo, have been one of the strongest trumps of the company for twenty years. After the first game in 1999, the last game of the series, which comes to different consoles, is the guest of Nintendo Switch. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Super Smash Bros. Let’s explain a little bit for those who don’t know the type of Ultimate. Although the type of the game is called a fighting game (which is always discussed as a real fighting game), it is not as complicated as other fighting games. So in general, the word Brawler is used when defining the game. That’s a kind of game where you fight in an arena and try to move the characters out of the arena. If you played Brawlhalla on the PC, you have understood what I mean.

super smash bros.

Super Smash Bros. There are two main parts in Ultimate. The first one is Smash, the other is Spirits. In Smash, players can fight with any character they want. This mode can be played up to four people. If you want to have fun with your friends, you can embed your watches here. Arenas and characters will touch later.

Spirits part of the game is the part of the game scenario. The Master of Light, called Galeem, destroys all the characters in the old world and turns them into souls to create a new world. Then he makes copies of these characters and turns them into puppets to fight for them. The only survivor of the attack, Kirby is the one who will fix things in this new world.

The game’s Spirits mode is definitely the most rewarding part in the game. You open a large part of the game by playing this mode. In addition, collectable trophies in the old games, the spirit in this game that is transformed into soul. We can open spirits through this mode. It brings many features that can help us. They allow you to shift the objects in the arenas towards you, jumping higher, or getting less damage.

The souls are divided into four different species (Sword, Shield, Grab and Neutral) and three of them have superiority with stone-paper-scissor logic. Sword, strong against grabbing type; Shield, strong against sword type; Grabbing, strong against the shield type. Neutral ones are not affected by the opposite spirits. In addition, some spirits in the game as the primary soul, some can choose as support. Some primary souls can have three supportive souls with them, while others may never get it. There is also the level of every soul. Some of the souls may not reach the maximum level of realization of their potential, so it is logical to not classify them as weak and strong. One of the most beautiful things about the souls is that they are all characters that cannot find a place in the game. For example, Eevee does not appear as a character in the game, but as a soul.

Souls, the game’s main scenario mode World of Light can be opened by playing said. World of Light’s world is so vast that you are waiting for really hard fights. However, you must play this scenario to open the characters. This scenario lasts about 25 hours and you can open up to two hundred souls and dozens of characters.

Speaking of characters, let’s talk about them. When you first enter the game, there are 8 characters (Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Fox and Pikachu) on the Smash screen, which are the original characters in the first game. The number of characters you can open by playing the World of Light scenario is exactly 66. So the number of characters that can be played when you open all the characters is 74, so that new characters will be added to the game as downloadable. (The main character of the Persona 5 will be the first character to be added to the Joker.) Although most of these characters are in the old games, the characters added from the last Pokemon like Incineroar are also in the game. The battles you make for each character are made in an arena that is unique to that character and gives a big plus to this game.

Super Smash Bros. With the Ultimate, the new characters added to the game are quite varied. For example Isabelle, who added to the game from Animal Crossing, can pull away opponents and goods with a hook in his hand. In addition, characters such as Simon can beat their opponents from a distance with long whips. Some great characters can move faster than the old ones. Obviously it is important to learn new characters and develop tactics against them.

Let’s come to the arenas in the game. The arenas in the game are truly excellent. Some are incredibly flat and calm, some incredibly complex. But all the arenas where the characters in the game are in the game. Sometimes you go to the world of Mario, and there you go, sometimes you’re going to the world where Duck Hunt is. In addition, arenas are constantly changing, bending, bending while you fight. Apart from your enemy, the arena becomes a kind of enemy. When it comes to the game, the event also becomes more complicated.

Of course there is much more to be told about the game, but I don’t want to tell you more and enjoy your joy. In general, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the best games for Nintendo Switch. I haven’t met a game that’s been so amusing for a long time. If you have a Nintendo Switch, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is definitely one of the games you need to acquire. It’s the best game in recent years, where you can hit the bottom of fun with friends or family. Anyway, I’ll go see Kirby and the staff in the office!

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