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Avengers Endgame

We’ve finally come to the end of an era. Another era of the magnificent universe that Marvel Studios successfully built is over. The film that closed this period was Avengers: Endgame. In this article we will review the film first without spoilers and then with spoilers. Let’s see if this movie we’ve been waiting for for a long time is worth it.

If you want to examine the film without spoilers; if you love this universe very much I guess the film will satisfy you quite. It was quite exciting to see heroes together, to watch them battle, that we haven’t seen together in a long time. The tempo of the first half of the film is slow, but they have reinforced this slowness with beautiful dialogues and emotional bonds. They gave good psychology to our heroes who survived in a ruined world. In the second half of the film, the tempo increases and the high action scenes give us a good taste of the film. If you take off your critique hat and watch it, you’ll leave the film Happy, but if you stick to the small-big details, the pleasure you get from the film falls away. In short, if you want to watch your favorite heroes on the screen, I recommend watching them in the cinema. Let’s a detailed movie review and spoilers.

Note: the post from this part of the post contains spoilers. Let’s take the film piecemeal. We begin with Hawkeye, the character we haven’t seen in Avengers: Infinity War. Our hero, who saw his family disappear while living happily with his family, is now embarking on more “bloody” jobs. I like this change of Hawkeye. But I wish I had been given more time in terms of character depth. I think they don’t reflect Hawkeye’s anger well, more than an assassin who lost his wife and daughter, emotional depth exists only in the beginning, and then we never see it again. I would have liked to have seen more of the Hawkeye character than the unnecessary comic scenes that Marvel does in every movie. Speaking of funny scenes, I’m uncomfortable with that. In every movie, we get a little bit of scenes like this. I don’t have a problem with that, but it bothered me watching a movie like Endgame to have more funny scenes than any other movie. What’s the point of jamming a joke even in serious scenes? If the jokes were funny, I’d understand a little bit, but they’re not funny. I can understand that if only a few characters made jokes, but why did they try to make each character funny? The most disturbing factor in the pleasure of my cruise was these unnecessary and non-funny jokes. It’s sad that decisions like this are made by thinking about the audience.

The low-tempo scenes in the first half of the film are often scenes where the characters talk to each other, looking for solutions. They reflect well on the sadness of the heroes and their psychologically evil. I like the dialogue. Especially the scene where Captain America Talks to a group, which was emotionally good. I said I was uncomfortable with the film’s effort to be unnecessarily funny, but I think its emotional depth is also good. I wish they could balance them well.

It was nice to see a psychologically impaired Tony Stark in the aftermath of Infinity War. As soon as he landed in the world, the first question he asked was, ” Have I lost the child?” I like to be. When we saw those scenes, five years later, we saw a Tony Stark who had a family and lived away from society. I like the dialogue between her and her daughter. His relationship with his daughter was preparation for the end of the film, and that preparation brought a wonderful finale.

Now for the most annoying scenes in the movie. I mean, the time travel prep scenes, which I think most of the viewers are uncomfortable with. Not only did the screenwriters never understand time travel, but they did it very badly. First of all, I want to talk about the scene where they used Scott Lang as an experiment. Whose idea was it to make time travel so condescending and a toy? Time travel is a difficult issue, and it needs to be taken seriously, processed thinly. I’d be satisfied if this film was taken a little seriously. Then Tony Stark does an experiment and solves time travel in an instant. They’re not showing us what they figured out, we’re just looking at a jumbled hologram. It’s ridiculous that he solved time travel in such a short time. Come on, he’s figuring it out.I wish they’d tell the audience what happened. The screenwriters just shook up the time travel part and threw it away. The movie’s falling apart.

The second half of the film was much better than the first half. His tempo was high, determined and ambitious. It was quite enjoyable to watch the characters split into groups and go on different missions. It was special to the fans that the characters lived in. Tony Stark’s confrontation with his father and the emotional conversations between them were important in terms of character depth and I loved it. Captan America’s elevator scene was perfect. In the hall I watched, he was most excited and applauded on that stage. And a round of applause for the captain from us… Hawkeye and Black Widow’s self-sacrifice race was beautiful and emotional at the start, but I felt it was a little overstretched. Rest in peace, Natasha. I want to turn a separate page on Thor. Brave decisions have been made for Thor in this film, and I don’t like those decisions at all. Thor, whom we have known so far, is serious, very caring about his people, powerful, etc. he was a heavy character. He was literally a God. They changed it in Thor: Ragnarok, yes, but even in that film, he didn’t compromise his godliness. The Thor we saw in this movie was not Thor. I couldn’t understand why they’d make a dumb character. Still, the Asgard scenes in which they returned to the past were enjoyable. In short, it was a pleasure for our heroes to go back and see the events we saw in previous films in a different way.

The most exciting and exciting scenes of the film, the final battle. It was one of the most satisfying battle scenes I’ve ever seen visually. It was great that all the heroes we’ve seen so far were united and fought against the enemy and all the heroes were given the stage. But unfortunately, there’s something I’m uncomfortable with here, and I’ll be there. First of all, it was great to see the characters we lost in Infinity War come back with a spectacular return. We have witnessed again that Thanos is an extremely strong character. Spider-Man, of which the author of the review was a big fan, was a marvellous delight to have him fight with spider arms. The Final battle got me very excited from start to finish and I know I’m going to watch this scene a hundred more times. For Captain Marvel, they’ve excited us so far, both for their own movie and for this movie, but we’ve only seen the character at the beginning and the end. Yeah, it was a great scene when he took down the big spaceship on his own, but that’s it. He couldn’t even tackle Thanos well. It was a disappointment to me, I wish they had taken more time off. What I’m uncomfortable with in the Final battle is the divine power of Captain America. It’s okay for him to remove Mjolnir, so Captain America is now worthy of Mjolnir. But the fact that he was able to use his lightning powers has raised questions in my head. Were the lightning powers not, as the name suggests, Thor, The God of lightning? Now if Captain America can use those powers, what’s the point of Thor? Did Captain America become a God? I think it was the wrong decision.I wish he could only use Mjolnir. In comics, there’s an event like that, but in comics, it wasn’t a decision I liked either.

Finally, let me finish talking and examining the most emotional scenes of the film. The Iron Man we loved 3,000 times said goodbye to us in this movie. Their last conversation with Spider-Man was quite impressive, the one that made us all cry in Infinity War. We watched the opposite of the Stark scene, which was enough to make a lot of us cry. The hologram image recorded by Tony Stark and the ensuing funeral scene also touched our hearts. Let me give you a little information here: the mysterious boy we saw at the funeral scene was the little boy in Iron Man 3 who was keen on technology. Who knows, maybe he’ll be on the team in the next movie. Goodbye, protector of the World, rest in peace.

The film we’ve been waiting for for so many years has obviously satisfied me. I’ve been disturbed in many places, I’ve never even liked it, but I’ve been able to ignore them because I love this universe and superheroes so much. I hope the films to come will be much better and consistent.

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