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Titanfall 2 New Tab for Google Chrome

With its first game, Titanfall succeeded in getting the full score from almost all game critics and quickly engraved its name into the history of FPS with its fast mechanics, Titans, smooth game play, fun multi-player support. Titanfall has managed to sell more than 10 million copies worldwide and has secured the second game with this success. Launched in March 2015 by Respawn CEO Vince Zampella, Titanfall 2 was released 3 days ago and once again locked us in front of our PCs and consoles.

Now let’s have a look at what Titanfall 2 offers us. In Titanfall 2, the first thing that attracts our attention is the existence of the story mode, which is often expressed and lacked in the first game. However, I wouldn’t expect a Modern Warfare from story mode, even though the game was from the makers of Modern Warfare. Actually, I would have lied if I said I didn’t expect a really great story mode from this team. But there’s a standard science fiction story and a game.


In our adventure, which we started as a rookie soldier, we start our story by taking the Titan as a mentor. Since I do not want to give spoilers in any way, I will only mention the mechanics of the game. The story of the game is usually composed of small tasks given to us. Gameplay side of the old Call of Duty smells here. We kill countless enemies, sometimes encounter friendly forces and continue. Throughout the story, which we are engaging in various actions with our Titan, we are also living in the Boss war-style battles with enemy commanders and Titans. Let me say that these boss battles have been quite challenging.

Aside from the relatively insignificant story for a Titanfall game, we can move on to the mainstream, multiplayer mode. First of all I have to underline that the speed of the game is slower than the first Titanfall. But don’t get it wrong, the game is still a more pure action packed and fast FPS game, so the game is still more in line of Call of Duty. However, our movements are a bit more challenging, as they jump left and right on the walls, the animations are a little heavier. Most of the time you have difficulty in making the movement you want. Also, for those who play the game on the PC platform, it would be wise to disable the VSYNC setting. Although visual breaks will occur in the game, the response time of the mouse is greatly reduced and the game becomes much more fluent.

There are a few new mechanics added to the game with Titanfall 2, I would like to briefly summarize them. The first thing that draws our attention to the mechanics is the mechanics of slip, as we see in many Call of Duty game, when we press the bending key while running fast, our character is sliding on the ground and we can make surprise attacks. Another innovation is a device called Pulse Blade. With the help of a knife that we have thrown out, this tool shows the location of the enemies in real time in a certain region, and can provide serious benefits in the game.

It is also incredibly fun at Grappling Hook, a new tool in the game. With the help of this tool, the buildings can throw rope and pull ourselves. In this way, hard to reach places difficult to reach, the enemy cannot attack from places to wait. It is also possible to say that Grappling Hook can also be thrown at enemies. We are pulling the rope with the rope and we are able to ventilate the nets with the help of flying kick. These two tools really have a great impact on the dynamics of the game.


Another innovation of Titanfall 2 is the animations that have taken place in the attacks on enemies. If we approach an enemy from behind and attack nearby, the game moves to the TPS camera and the enemies can be slaughtered with really successful animations. These animations can change as you level up within the game, and we can use different animations.

Of course, when it comes to Titanfall, it would be a mistake to go without mentioning the Titans. In Titanfall 2, we have a total of 6 Titans, called Titans, Tone, Legion, Ion, Scorch, Ronin and Northstar. Every Titan has different advantages and weaknesses. For example, while Ronin was a Titan specializing in close attacks, Scorch became a more defensive-focused Titan. It is a good thing that we choose the one that matches your style of play from different Titans and add fun to the war.

Together with the new game, we can now customize both our Titans and our Pilots. We have more weapons and customization than the first game. We’ve got a wide range of arsenal from pump rifles to snipers, cogs to bombers. Titanfall 2’da increased the number of weapons as well as the privatization opportunities have taken their share. Now we can feel the effects of the modifications that we attach to our weapons more clearly.

To open the modifications we have installed, of course, the game asks you to level up or increase the level of the weapon you have modified. We can get the sense of development that is very important in FPS games from Titanfall 2. Maybe there will be an irrelevant comparison, but in Battlefield 1, when you feel the lack of this feeling, seeing the innovations as you really play in Titanfall 2 increases your desire to play.

The maps in the game are also successful with the general meaning, but still have a feeling of space. Or more accurately, there is an interesting chaos created by emptiness. Titanfall’s main subject is the Titanfall, which is designed normally for Titans, but with a maximum of 8vs8 encounters. Respawn could have paid more attention to this issue. Even though the game was based on the Titans, a little more attention should be paid to the players who like to fight the Pilot. As for the game mode, Titanfall 2 gives the game a wide range of options, from Team Deathmatch to capture the flag mode, from Free for all, to the mode where only Pilots or Titans fight. In this way, we can spend time in the game for a long time without being bored.

Long story short if you are interested in fast FPS games, Titanfall’s giant robots are also interested; Titanfall 2 is definitely a construction that you can expect. With its fast action, smooth gameplay, customization capabilities, developmental feel and many game modes, this year’s FPS can clear the majority of our hunger. Especially if you’re not interested in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, it’s definitely worth taking a look at Titanfall 2.

Available in the Chrome Store

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