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Gang Beasts New Tab for Google Chrome

Gang Beasts can be played with up to four people on the same computer, making your friends brutally beat up, crazy, crazy, and making it a fun independent one. You’re punching your friends with a nice, jealousy character, and then you lift and throw them into deadly traps.

You’re trying to do them more precisely, because the jokes of our jealous characters are shaken so much, the physics rules of the game are so shaky that you can find yourself doing exactly the opposite of what you want to do in a moment, while disappearing between the sharp blades of a meat grinder, “how did I fall down here?” you can think of.


The game currently has 8 different battlefields. The Ferris wheel, the subway station, the boxing ring, the two trucks on the highway, and the top of the truck and the window cleaning pier for me right now. In addition to this, there is a free-to-play sandbox mode and a Final Fight style, which is a very simple (but very simple) mode you’ll beat as a team on the street. The movement of our characters is limited to punching, jumping, squatting and comprehension.

All this will be developed, of course. In the producers’ development diary, there are new combat areas, clothes, tournaments, climbing and hitting. In addition, 4 people can play a scenario mode at the same time they are thinking to add. Oh, if they can add the online option, they’ll be super. As a result, although Gang Beasts is far from $ 20 in this case, the hope and the fun it promises is huge. If you like to play games with your friends on the same computer and you’re looking for something absurd not serious, keep your eye on this game.

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