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Metal Gear Survive New Tab for Google Chrome

As with all Metal Gear games, most of the Metal Gear Survives quest is confidential. If you already want to be ridiculous with our spear thrust action our zombies have no chance to multiply. That’s why the secrecy is important. Of course there are fences that we have created from nothing.

Zombies will come out of the fence with the fence and needle pinching for several minutes as if he was shaking the needle. If there are too many zombies, they can go over the fences and destroy them. So what do we do? Hope! New fence! Let’s come to the survival mechanics. Mother Base is a rundown of an alternative universe in a small space in the game we use as a social space where we can create different equipment. Here you can meet the needs of your character with the necessary materials.

In a small area above the wood fire, we create different products to meet our food needs. It’s important that you carry them with you. However, if you move more, you may not find the space to locate the items you found during the task in your bag. Considering that we return 30% of our main room after each mission, you will be looking for water and food throughout the game as I mentioned earlier.

 When you find that these products will not fall into your bag until you return to your base. In other words, if your health and stamina rates are low, you have to keep your hand up fast. Let’s say you couldn’t keep it and you died, according to that, say goodbye to all the materials you collected. Get ready to find your food faster than the same.

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