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Crysis 2 New Tab for Google Chrome

What are the most popular cities for computer games? If we do a research, New York would find a place in this list. She loves New York game makers. Max Payne is Grand Theft Auto 4, and now Crysis 2. Max Payne and especially those who play GTA 4 will not be too foreign to go to New York in real life. Because ,the filmmakers move the city as realistic as possible in to the game. Crysis 2 is perhaps the most realistic game we can see in New York. New York’s streets, shops, subways, parks, avenues, skyscrapers are in Crysis 2.

One of the issues that Crysis criticized was that the story was a little far away from engagement. In particular, the conflict atmosphere in the Modern Warfare series was one of the missing points of Crysis. I’m going to try not to give you much information about the story of Crysis 2. Because the first game was Turkish. Players know the story of the first Crysis by heart. Since Crysis 2 is Turkish, I will try not to explain more about the script to play with excitement when you receive the game.

I have good news with storytelling. Crytek worked very well in his lecture. A better atmosphere and a better quality scenario than the first Crysis is waiting for you. Also the story is a little different than you expect. You will be quite surprised at many places when playing the game.

In the first Crysis, we could play more freely in the forest. We could use the path we wanted in the forest instead of a mission. Or we were having fun moments with side quests. Because the story presentation in Crysis 2 has changed, the gameplay is a bit more linear, like Modern Warfare 2. Now we have a way to go. We can’t change this on our own. There are only small shortcuts at some points. It’s usually New York’s sewers. The first Crysis in the open world-like gameplay is not found in Crysis 2. But this is not a negative situation. Because the presentation of the scenario is more quality and exciting.

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