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Crew 2 New Tab for Google Chrome

In the game world, car racing games have always been inadequate from one point. In recent years, Ubisoft has become aware of this shortage, and has announced the creation of a new, highly ambitious and highly potentiated product called The Crew. Ubisoft promised that we could walk around on a gigantic US map with our own gang and we could set up our own gang and say the mountain slope with different vehicles. With the upcoming DLC and updates, The Crew closed its deficiencies and finally welcomed us as a production that might have been said. After the success of The Crew’s second game Ubisoft, the Crew 2 recently appeared with us. Now let’s examine what Ubisoft’s new Crew offers us.

First of all, The Crew 2 is no longer just a car racing game. With the second game, Ubisoft has taken us from the air to the land, from the land to the sea and has done what it can to compete in all kinds of environments. In the game Speedboat, Jetstream boats, race planes, aerobatic aircraft, motorcycles, monster trucks, hyper cars, drag vehicles, drift vehicles, motocross motorcycles, helicopters, and almost all kinds of vehicles such as the engine can race. And all of these tools can be developed on the performance side, while others can be modified visually.

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In The Crew 2, the race types are divided into different disciplines, such as Speed Boats, Modified Track vehicles, Racing Aircraft and AlphaGT, while Formula One vehicles and races, such as Drift, Drag and Classic Street Racing. For each type of game, the game requires you to buy a separate car and the race finishes the parts to improve performance from LootBoxes. By installing these parts in your vehicle, you can improve your vehicle’s performance and participate in higher-level races. The ability to dismantle the parts you have mounted on your vehicle and to use them in the same type of vehicles also manages to destroy the criticized aspect of the first game. In this way, it was easier to take a new vehicle and improve its performance.

In The Crew 2 of the MMO type, the PvP system in the first game is unfortunately not available. The filmmakers said this will be added to the game in December. Now, the only way to compete with your friends is to invite your friend to the race in standard races and compete with your friend while racing against artificial intelligence. This is the case that the players are getting an intense response, which can be quite natural, as well as in a series where PvP races such as The Crew are so important; it was a great mistake to take the game without PvP.

The most important thing that makes The Crew series successful is undoubtedly the size of the map. The size of the first game is equal to the size of the first game, but compared to the first game was much more full and dense. In the first game, you usually deal with gigantic and empty terrains, while the 2nd game is much more vivid. With the improvements made in graphics, especially in the evening and rainy weather is a visual feast.

When talking about graphics, I can say that the biggest innovation is done in the lighting system. Especially the street lights and traffic lights are very pleasant. The effects of water tools in the game have also increased the ocean and other water effects and interacts with the light. Especially I can say that the visuals I encountered in a race in Las Vegas with the Jetstream tool left my mouth open. Moreover, although I played in the game on the standard PS4, The Crew 2 was able to meet my expectations in a graphical way.

Of course, the most important factor in the racing game is driving sensation. This was one of the most critical points in The Crew. Driving sensation in the second game was unfortunately still below expectations. Even the use of automobiles was much more artificial and difficult than the first game.

On the sound side, The Crew 2 is more successful than the first game. When you enter the tunnels or enclosed spaces, the echoing of sounds, engine and turbo sounds, and environmental sounds are much more detailed and successful than the first game. I do not think there is a big point to be criticized by the music. In the second game, Ubisoft seems to have increased the sound quality that has been highly criticized in the first game.

Long story short The Crew 2 won over the first game to host different types of racing and vehicles. However, the variety of vehicle, the oddities in driving physics, artificial intelligence problems, saying that there was a construction with many flaws. Ubisoft has to make a radical update, especially in driving dynamics, so no matter how many types of vehicles, most of us will spend the game on cars. In addition, PvP races are not active at the exit is not forgiven. If you like the first game, I can say that in the second game you will succeed.

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