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Counter Strike Global Offensive New Tab for Google Chrome

Valve never closes the Counter Strike door and wants to eat as much bread as he can. That’s why he skillfully eliminates the Counter Strike 2 questions, if the gaming sales and the reduction of the gameplay through the internet are a new one; he is launching a new version to the market. For example, the 1.6 version was made with a game engine made of Half-Life 1 called goldsrc. However, Valve wanted to respond to the players and when he saw the game fall off, he increased the counter of gameplay by removing Counter Strike: Source. The game    was made with the source engine used by Half-Life 2.

First of all, the game will be released not only on PC users, but also on Mac OS X, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 platforms. It seems Gabe Newell has also made Portal 2 one of the best in PlayStation 3, and now he is looking at different platforms.

Valve 1.5 out of the company independent of the company to play against the computer, such as Pod-Bot side programs, the game’s game speed was significantly increased. That’s why the Valve version 1.6 has given weight to the boats, and although it’s not like a human, it’s still very enjoyable for us to play with boots. In the new game, the bots will now have a well-developed artificial intelligence. So even if you play on your own and even if you don’t even have an internet connection, you’ll be able to play the game as if you were playing on the internet.

The modes of the Classic Counter Strike series are already standing, so you can play modes such as bomb building, hostage rescue. In addition, there is a new mode called Arsenal, the arsenal. According to Valve, this mode came from the Call Of Duty series.

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