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Grand Theft Auto V (GTA)

Grand Theft Auto V. This name has a very large and long-standing history behind it, a milestone on which to write theses. But what can I write about it? What can I tell you about GTA V? No, there is so much to say about GTA V that there are so many stories about Los Santos that I’ve already had that I can write and draw, I started to forget some of them.

GTA V is the story of a city, not just three characters. All over Los Santos, so many trees are falling over, which is only five percent of the times you’re unaware when you’re aware of it. While things are developing under your control, you never know some of them. The reason is very simple, the game has three main characters; these three characters have their own behavior, routines, lives, acquaintances, social circles, hobbies and abilities. This holy trilogy system allows the story of the game to be scattered at different points like a spider web and reunited at different points.

But what is the common point that brings together these three dubious men? Why do Franklin, Trevor and Michael form the axis of this game? In fact, Trevor and Michael are the ones who have a history with each other. You can see the beginning of the game, but I have a “date” that I won’t tell you in order not to humiliate the story here.

Let me tell you from the beginning that I will try not to tell you what is about the story of the game, because according to your playing, things you can learn or things you can’t learn will change, depending on how much time you spend with, you can learn things from the shore, from the past, or from the views of the characters. It gives you some small ideas. For example, Michael decides to return to the world of crime after what he had lived 9 years ago? Why is Franklin so ambitious? Why is Trevor so problematic? All of this gives you the game; you just need to know where to look.

GTA V is a terrific deep game in terms of stories and their narration. We have never seen a system that is as complicated and working as the system that Rockstar used before, that is, working together for a single purpose within the framework of their separate lives within the frame of their separate lives, I am not talking about playing if you pay attention, Every square in Los Santos squirts life, and at some point you’re really starting to get caught up in it because there’s a world that’s so meticulously created that you have to be convincing that every character that’s been designed with a great detail from the top down is a very carefully crafted geography with a wonderful realism.

In all this gigantic world, if I say that every character has a world of its own, I don’t exaggerate. The most important feature of GTA V is the flow of life, whether you want it or not. In this context, while Franklin is planning to kidnap a Ballas member with Lamar, Michael watches TV while sipping his whiskey, while Trevor wanders around in the desert, taking care of various jobs. When you return to a character, he can change clothes, time passes, and they all live their lives.


You can switch between these characters with one click and see them one to one, which is so impressive that I can’t tell. In particular, it makes it impossible for you to get bored of the game, because, as I mentioned above, each character has its own world and concept. Michael, for example, is an ex-offender who is over 40 years old, so he’s been very experienced, he’s been out and about in this business and he has a very solid story to tell about it. As an experienced bank robber, Michael lives with the money he has left behind, but he is in a deep depression as a person who has survived from such a life.

Her husband, Amanda, dislikes him; his perky children, Tracy – Jimmy (who likes to be called Jizzle), and the space he is in, make Michael go crazy someday. As all of this is not enough, he is also moving towards a collapse in the economic sense, because his wife spends his remaining money very quickly, so he comes closer to the life he has left behind each day.

Franklin, of course. The best friend Lamar and Simon is a young boy who wants to make big bucks in reparation works at the car dealership at Simon’s gallery. Franklin is a character who is left behind by Lamar and his old-fashioned friends’ dreams of going back to the world of gangster, looking at life much more realistically. Michael meets with the young as a result of a very interesting event, a father-son relationship with him, the game that develops and changes throughout the game, leads to really interesting situations. Franklin, the youngest and most willingness of the trio, follows Michael and Trevor in the pursuit of the big money.

Trevor Philips, of course, has a military background, is a name that changes all the standards you know in terms of psychopathy and breaks all lines. He has planned and executed many big robberies with Michael before; Trevor is a vengeful, psychopathic, unstable and dangerous man. Trevor Philips Enterprises under the name of arms and drug trafficking and hobbies as a murder and exploding car Trevor is an interesting character.


I can say that these three characters, the balance between them, is really great, especially the young Franklin, who acts as a bridge between character and structure between Trevor and Michael. Michael and Trevor symbolize the characters that are likely to be transformed in the future.

Except for these three characters, our fourth surprise character is Lamar’s dog Chops. Lamar’s uneducated dog, Chops, helps you when you don’t expect it, and to tell you the truth, the dog is pretty cute. The presence of these characters in the GTA V is not only in the narrative sense, but also in the mechanical sense. Michael, Franklin and Trevor have things they can do and do about their past. At the beginning of the game, each of the various topics features specific. One can use better cars while the other is an expert on weapons, one physically superior, etc.

Speaking of weapons, GTA V’s brand-new combat mechanics are incredibly enjoyable, especially the round HUDs that spread throughout the game and come out with one touch, it’s really quite useful. I didn’t expect that every armed clash that you entered along with the brand new cover look almost like an action movie, and that it was so strong in the close combat.

Of course, every feature of the characters can be developed in the game, but for the first stages, especially when planning the robberies must take into account the initial state. Each character has a separate tool, separate life, friends, social environment and history, all these things are much better assimilated as you play the game, and after a while this is settling as a reaction to you.


Yeah, robberies. This is the main concept of GTA V. Trevor, Franklin and Michael, the men who come together with the dream of big money, they don’t need thousands of dollars, they don’t need tens of thousands of dollars, they need millions of dollars, so the big robberies.

The Heist concept of Robbery constitutes the lifeblood of GTA V, it is entirely left to the player to plan and form a team from scratch, and Heist missions bring the game outlines together.

Natural planning is left to the player, I’m talking about leaving completely. Every robbery requires a very serious planning phase. I’m talking about dozens of variations that you need to decide on, such as space photography, supply of materials to be used, necessary bribes, a security expert to hire if a security system breaks it, a bomb expert if you need a bomb expert, the person who is going to miss you from there. Some of the people you met in Los Santos and who are already working in the criminal world can convince you to join the robberies, some of them are masters of work, some of them quite recruited. And of course, your old friend and your team’s brain, Lester, have different names.

According to this, a quality hacker can expect a much bigger share than a robbery, while you can keep you there for a long time, a novice hacker may not hold you there, and may cause all the robbery to go wrong, but if you succeed, you will give a very small percentage of money in your pocket. In this respect, its important how you create your staff, how you plan.

The feature that makes robberies so exciting and dynamic is that the inter-character change takes place in 10-15 second over the map, while instantaneous occurrence in robbery sequences. I can’t tell you how much excitement and action this has created, think of it, keep the hostages with Michael and Franklin is picking up the money inside, trying to make your exit easier. You can live the event as a whole, as you constantly go between them and create your own action film scene. The more you use your team, the more the robbery is changing, so you need to think tactically, for example, in the escape vehicle, someone who can drive well.

For example, if your driver is driving, Franklin is the driving force and Frank is the one to shoot the cops. You must account for all this. I have to say that each character has its own characteristics. For example, while Franklin can slow down time by car, Michael can get into Bullet Time, like Max Payne outside the car, while Trevor can have a nervous breakdown and increase the damage.


The most important part of GTA V is that it is full of life. The moment I started to do jet-skiing on Michael’s first missions, I couldn’t stop being excited about the incident when the Police Academy returned to the famous river track scene, before I jumped off the ship and shocked the submarine to be full of corals, fish and creatures. In this respect, the game constantly amazes you, the geography, the people, the natural life and everything else that is made in a real way, a place does not look like a place, all the coatings are different and as perfect as one.

In this context, the visual power of the game comes from the details, not the graphics. Of course the graphics are no longer the last point for consoles. The variety of gameplay coatings, the reality of smiley animations, and the fact that light is more professional than it ever was in any of the games I’ve seen before, is visually enormous.

Especially when I went to the beach for the first time I understood this much better, the waves coming to the pier, the footprints of the people walking on the beach, the magnificent silhouette of the city when you go to the hills, invites you to explore for hours, and the map of the game is bigger than any map I’ve ever seen I must say that you are confronted with such a detailed, large and living city that you are becoming more and more interested in your own little world.

In all this geography, there are so many things you can do, bank robberies, maritime, water sports, tennis, triathlon, strangers and freaks, car modifications, fly, parachute, train, off-road races, races, fighting crime, catching usurpers, going to strip club, hanging out with friends, surfing the internet, watching television, there are dozens of things I cannot count. GTA V is more like a life simulation than a game.

Grand Theft Auto V will be the most important breaking point of the new generation when it comes to the game history in the future, with the tremendous care that Rockstar performs, more than a game, GTA V is literally a post-modern work of art, video games are the most extreme point for the future and a map showing the future.

GTA V, in a way that makes me quite frightening, especially playing, at some points, I was a child in the “obstacles cross the late” logic of the game structure dominated by the logic, which intermediate to such a thought and shudder, time passes very quickly, everything is very When we look back in life, maybe when we remember these moments, we won’t be as excited as we are now, who knows?

We are going to write and draw more about GTA V, and if we think that the game is going to go on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and there is a GTA Online truth, Rockstar seems to not leave us for many years. Then what shall we say? Goodbye social life, hi Los Santos!

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