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In a pixel-pixel world, would you like to excavate everything around you and uncover artifacts where your border will only be your imagination? Markus Person (known by the nickname Notch), the independent game producer will have asked him the question that Minecraft has created a construction. In theory it was …

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Detailed information about the Game Live or die! Fortnite is a Battle Royale game released by Epic Games in 2017. In this game, 100 people jump on a certain map with a parachute from a plane. After jumping, you have a very simple and clear mission. Live or die! If …

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Apex Legends

So far, Respawn Entertainment, which has always been engaged in AAA multiplayer aiming games and most known with Titanfall, released its new game Apex Legends. After the impact of PUBG’s battle royale cake, the company wants to take a share of the company; Apex Legends seems to have achieved this. …

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PUBG (playerunknown’s battlegrounds) New Tab for Chrome

A Unique Survival Game If you want to mention a Battle Royale game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is the most popular of them without doubt. Before PUBG, people were playing H1Z1 and Day-Z games as survival games. However, two game developer companies PUBG Corporation and Bluehole Studio released a game named …

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