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Uno Card Game

UNO is a multi-player game in which the goal is to be the main player to dispose of the relative multitude of cards in their grasp. Every player is managed 7 cards and players take divert drawing cards from the deck. Assuming a player has a card in their grasp matching the card they drew from the deck, they can play that card (assisting with diminishing the all out cards in their grasp). On the off chance that the player doesn’t have a matching card in their grasp, they should draw one more card from the deck to add to their hand, which expands the all out number of cards they need to dispose of to win. At the point when a player has just a single card left in their grasp, they should holler “UNO!,” however in the event that a rival player sees before the first player gets an opportunity to say “UNO,” the first player should draw four additional cards.


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