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Talking Angela

Talking Angela was delivered in December 2012 for iPhone and iPad, then in January 2013 for Android. It follows the example of past Talking Tom and Friends applications: a virtual creature who’ll noisily rehash whatever you say into your gadget’s receiver, while interfacing with her by tapping and swiping on the screen.

The main thing for guardians to comprehend is that Talking Angela has a youngster mode. You’re inquired as to whether you need to turn it on whenever you first run the application, and at some other point you can flip it on or off by tapping on the little smiley face at the upper right of the screen.

This is significant, in light of the fact that the element at the focal point of the frightening Facebook messages – Angela’s capacity to message talk with clients – is switched off when Child Mode is flipped on. Assuming you’ve learned about Angela asking kids for their names, ages or participating in chat about garments trading parties, absolutely no part of this can occur in the event that Child Mode is on.

The disadvantage of this: it’s excessively simple to flip it on and off – there’s no Pin keeping a kid from tapping on the smiley face and exchanging it back on. Given the ongoing debate, this would be a simple however significant change for Outfit7 to make.

However, how can kids respond when Child Mode is turned on? They can get Angela to rehash her words, stroke and jab her (in the non-unseemly sense!) to see vivified reactions, and make birds fly onto the screen – you can definitely relax, she doesn’t eat them.

There is likewise a camera highlight, which has been referred to in a portion of the Facebook messages about Talking Angela. The facts confirm that it urges clients to investigate their gadget’s camera and make explicit signals: gesture, shake head, grin, yawn or stick out their tongue, so Angela can duplicate it.


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