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Pou is a virtual pet game for BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android created and distributed by Lebanese planner Paul Salameh (recorded as Zakeh on the Google Play Store). It is like Tamagotchi, a prevailing fashion game that necessary really focusing on a mimicked creature.

The player’s Pou can interface with other Pous by visiting them when the game is associated with the Internet or mess around with other Pous as rivals through chosen small games which have Pou-versus Pou (PvP) ability. The game availability is through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Internet. It has client accounts to save and back up the game advancement state, on the off chance that the gadget is cleared. The last game advancement can be continued by signing into the client’s record. Clients can move a Pou starting with one gadget then onto the next no matter what the stage by logging out of their record from a gadget and signing into another gadget; but the application form should be similar between the two gadgets. In 2014, multilingual help was added.

On August 19, 2015, it was reported on Pou’s true profile on Google+ that the game would seek another 3D treatment and that a new application would be delivered in the late spring of that year. However, this new application was not sent off for obscure reasons and official news is as yet anticipated.

With the outcome of the game, it has been cloned utilizing the name “Mou” on Windows Phone. Among different clones incorporate the Moy establishment by Frojo Apps, the two My Boo games by Tapps Games, and the two My Chu games by Apofiss.

Pou vanished for a couple of days in the Google Play Store toward the beginning of December 2019 on the grounds that the designer made an update to the game.

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